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For all those reading: Place anything you like (critiques, lambastes, Things to make me feel better, and all that jazz) at the bottom. And if you put something on this page, notify me. Or not.

Kinkajou is a 25-year old college graduate (and working at [REDACTED]) from an Asian country who likes video games, computers, and a lot more. He knows some stuff about everything, although not as much as an expert would. Although prone to SelfDeprecation, is a generally nice guy.

Currently working on an AlternateHistory timeline named ''Two Lucky Princes'' at AlternateHistoryDotCom. [[ Read it here]].

[[TroperWall/{{Kinkajou}} Not the Berlin Wall]]

[[folder: May also be found lurking the depths of the Internet at these places]]

* [[ Tumblr]]
* [[ deviantArt]]
* [[ Reddit]]


[[folder: VideoGames]]

* FinalFantasy
** Tropers/XiphonIII applauds you for placing this at the top. Good job.
* DawnOfWar
** [[Tropers/{{Krrackknut}} FER DE GLOREE OV DE EMPRAH!]]
*** [[Tropers/{{Shlapintogan}} SPEHSS MAHREENS! WE HEV FEHLED DE EMPRAH!]]
*** [[Tropers/AirOfMystery SSSSSINDRI]]
* {{Pokemon}}
* {{Civilization}}
* BreathOfFire
* {{EarthBound}}
** Tropers/{{Tofu}} commends you for having this on your page at all. Eeee! * glomp!*
* {{Suikoden}}
* DragonQuest
* TotalWar
* RiseOfNations
** Tropers/SuperDimensionman congratulates you for even knowing that this exists. He was beginning to think he dreamed the whole thing.
* {{Stronghold}}
* TheLegendOfZelda
* EuropaUniversalis
* CrusaderKings
* VictoriaAnEmpireUnderTheSun
* {{Lufia}}
* FireEmblem
* [[BravelyDefault Bravely Default and Bravely Second]]

[[folder: Literature]]
* Literature/TheHobbit
* Literature/{{Discworld}}
** Discworld/{{Jingo}}
** Discworld/FeetOfClay
** Discworld/MakingMoney
** Discworld/TheLastHero
** Discworld/UnseenAcademicals
* Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire

[[folder: LiveActionTV]]

* {{House}}
* {{CSI}}
* {{CSI New York}}
* {{MythBusters}}
* SuperSentai
* PowerRangers
* KamenRider
** [[{{Tropers/Krrackknut}} Damn you for cursing me with this. Damn you to the HIGHWAY INFERANAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL...!]]

[[folder: Manga and Anime]]

* DeathNote
* Anime/{{Pokemon}}
* Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure


[[folder: {{Music}}]]

* TheBeatles
* {{Queen}}
* {{Metallica}}
* TheRollingStones
* DeepPurple
* SystemOfADown
* MichaelJackson
* MyChemicalRomance
* LedZeppelin
* TheEraserheads
* TheWho
* Music/{{Yes}}


[[folder: {{Webcomics}}]]
* {{Xkcd}}
* EightBitTheater
* PennyArcade
* BrawlInTheFamily
* MSPaintAdventures
** {{Homestuck}}
** ProblemSleuth


[[folder: WebOriginal]]

* AlternateHistoryDotCom


[[folder: Shameless Self Promotion (AKA Articles I made)]]

* DeepPurple
** DeepPurpleInRock
* ''BattleRealms''
* ''RiseOfLegends''
* TimeLimitBoss (Proposed and launched)
* AnimalMecha (Proposed and launched)
* RecursiveAmmo (Proposed and launched)
* {{Nickelback}} (lolwut)
* ''BeauGeste''
* ''CharlottesWeb''
* Characters.ChoujinSentaiJetman
* ''NoliMeTangere''
* ''ElFilibusterismo''
* ''{{Darna}}''
* ForestRanger (Proposed and launched)
* WMG.FinalFantasyV
* Laconic.FinalFantasyIII
* Characters.KamenRiderDouble
* Characters.FinalFantasyV
* Laconic.KamenRiderDouble
* Laconic.KamenRiderKiva
* Laconic.KamenRiderDecade
* Laconic.KamenRiderRyuki
* Laconic.KamenRiderOs
* WindIsGreen (proposed and launched)
* Characters.KamenRiderBlade
* Characters.KamenRiderKuuga
* {{British Imperialism Of The 19th Century}}
* ItalianWars
* Fanfic/FireWarmsTheNorthernLands
* Music/{{Klaatu}}
* Characters.KamenRiderFourze
* Literature/StupidLuckAndHappenstance
* Characters.KamenRiderBuild


* Someone made ''Noli'' and ''El Fili'', Kudos to you. BTW, I'd like to know your YM. And don't hate me for leaving comments. You said we can. - {{Tropers/LyricRomeR}}
* ''*vandalizes this page, plays The Song of Time, goes back three days*'' --{{Tropers/Xtense}}
* It might be nice to watch Super Hero Time together. Or not, it could be weird as well. - {{Tropers/Kraken}}
* I think if Bisharp evolved into a megazord, one of us might explode. -{{Tropers/WanderlustWarrior}}.
* Boo? --{{Tropers/NatTheWriter}}
* ''*ransacks*'' Buahahaha! You have pretty good music taste! - @/{{SunshineWerewolf}}
* Cyclone? - {{Tropers/Kraken}}
* Iif anyone calls you Kinky Twist, tell me. That way I can break their Internet neck. --@/{{Tre}}.
* As if you could ever get rid of me --@/TheFan
* I lol'ed when, after seeing your avvie in the Fora, I saw your avvie on your page. You had to know that. -@/{{cutewithoutthe}}
* Oh hey. Based on what you've said in the forums, I hear that you ''might'' have a CelebCrush on TaylorSwift. That's cool. I do too. {{Tropers/Spinosegnosaurus77}}
* So you did the Italian Wars page. Good. - @/AmusedTroperGuy
* The faeries were here, trying to steal [[DeathNote Light's]] note book. They wanted to draw pictures. - @/StolenByFaeries
* PAWNCH! ~@/{{raigakuren}}
* See, I hit your page bro. - @/{{cutewithoutthe}}
* ♫ You've been hit by! You've been struck by! A smooth criminal.♫ - [[@/StolenByFaeries a smooth faerie]]
* I'm @/AirOfMystery, and [[KamenRiderFourze I'm going to be friends with everyone on]] TvTropes! (slaps chest with fist twice, then points at you)
* ''Magandang araw, kababayan ko.'' --@/{{Icarael}}