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A fourteen-year-old Ohioan who is well known for his FunnyAfro and not exactly being sane. Favorite bands include PinkFloyd and {{Queen}}.

Tropes that describe Kilroy Was Here:
*BadassLongcoat on Halloweens
*BigEater - an entire family of them.
*DeadpanSnarker Complete with exaggerated motions!
*GentlemanThief sort of. I steal food every day from the lunch line, and am always polite to the lunch ladies.
*KarmaHoudini: I was caught doing the aforementioned looting, and got caught. The next month, I recieve an award for never being bad, ever.
*TastesLikeDiabetes Any roleplays between Cashala and I that involve Lykaois and Angela. [[TropesAreNotBad in a good way.]]
*TheSmartGuy - always.
*YouShouldKnowThisAlready I use it as a catchphrase.

Pages created: {{Kaleidoscope}}. Yeah, it needs work.

Currently assisting in writing {{Exorcists}} and Rise of the Satrenhi.