20 years old, goes to Rutgers University in Central NewJersey. I'm a fan of all forms of media, no matter what country of origin (as long as I can understand it).

Browses the Traditional Games board of 4chan.

Fan of/play/played/read not by part of TV Tropes(in no particular order):
*{{Warhammer 40000}}: Ork player, so you can instantly tell my sense of humor
*{{Warhammer}}: Tomb Kings player
*{{The Picture of Dorian Gray}}
*{{Order of the Stick}}
*{{Total War}} Series
*{{Lord of the Rings}}
*{{Forgotten Realms}}: Including the games, such as {{Neverwinter Nights}} (my favorite being Mask of the Betrayer and {{Baldurs Gate}}
*{{Blind Guardian}}: And lots of other {{Power Metal}}
*{{The Epic of Gilgamesh}}
*{{Greek Mythology}}
*{{Dark Heresy}}

Got into by TV Tropes which I [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife swear to god I will get revenge on every single one of you for]]:
*{{Discworld}}: ONLY 15 MORE BOOKS TO GO!
*{{Good Omens}}
*{{The Dark Tower}}
*{{Gurren Lagann}}
*{{Fate Stay Night}}: and Visual Novels in general...which is quite strange for me...
*{{Planescape Torment}}
*{{Spice and Wolf}}
*{{Ciaphas Cain}}: '''HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!'''
Tropes I like:
*{{More Dakka}}: ...well duh
*{{Kill It With Fire}}
*{{Church Militant}}

Has contributed to (read: inserted, like, one example):
*{{Snark Bait}}
*{{One Gender Race}}
*{{Dominic Deegan}} - Pure {{Snark Bait}}