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[[HollywoodGeek KayiR:]] [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Nah.]] [[SmallNameBigEgo I'd]] [[CloudCuckooLander rather]] [[{{Yandere}} not]] [[YaoiFangirl describe]] [[ShrinkingViolet myself.]]

You may want to visit other places for more information. Say, the [[ One True Homepage]]?


Anyways, I have works:
* TroperWorks/DareMeDrabbleSeries (fanfic, PetShopOfHorrors)
* TroperWorks/TwoGarnetsAndSomeCherriesWithCream (fanfic, PokemonSpecial)

And I also made the following page(s):
* RedSteel
* TheSilverKiss

Also of interest, I have the following on my watchlist and I have contributed on most:
* AceAttorney
* AxisPowersHetalia
* BatenKaitos
* BloodAndChocolate
* DigimonTamers
* {{Enchanted}}
* EternalDarkness
* GoneWithTheWind
* {{Labyrinth}}
* PetShopOfHorrors (...EntryPimp)
* PokemonSpecial
* RedSteel (creator)
* TheSilverKiss (creator)
* TheTwelveKingdoms