What is {{Karn}} about? Nerd pride, baby. Nerd pride.

Some of the things I enjoy:



[[folder:Card Games]]
*Vs. System

[[folder:Comic Books]]
*I like many Marvel titles. My favorite Marvel Hero is {{Nightcrawler}}. The only DC I really read is {{Justice League}} and {{Martian Manhunter}}.

*I mostly watch the comic book movies. I will check out most {{Science Fiction}} stuff however. I used to be quite the {{Star Wars}} fan.

*{{Stargate SG-1}}
*{{The Bible}}
*{{Star Wars}}
*{{A Song Of Ice and Fire}} Still waiting for that next book. I want to dance with some dragons, darnit!
*{{Nineteen Eighty Four}}

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
*{{Babylon 5}}
*{{Red Dwarf}}
*{{Doctor Who}} The new series. I haven't seen much of the old series. Fan-TAS-tic!
*{{Arrested Development}} Her?
*{{The Prisoner}} We will. By hook or by crook, we will.
*{{Malcom In The Middle}} Need the rest of this on DVD.
*{{Stargate SG-1}} Indeed. And its {{spinoff}}s.
*{{Battlestar Galactica}} The remake.
*{{Star Trek The Next Generation}}
*{{The Big Bang Theory}}
...and some others that I may or may not add later.

*{{Game Informer}}
*{{Offical Xbox Magazine}}
*{{Offical Playstation Magazine}} I miss the PSM days.

[[folder:Manga and Anime]]

*{{The Police}}
*{{The Four Tops}}
*Bemani Music

..and many others.

*Current Geek

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
*{{Pokemon}} Hey, you're not wearing shorts.


[[folder:Western Animation]]
*{{Justice League}}
*{{The Simpsons}}
*{{King of the Hill}}

[[folder:Web Original]]
*{{Doctor Horrible}}