Hello everybody! I'm Kafuka Fuura, an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent from Japan and I always say everybody should always have a warm and sunny outlook on life ^_^.

My favourite works of fiction:
* Everything's my favourite work of fiction! ''How could something DarthWiki/SoBadItsHorrible exist so close to me?'' But to be more specific:
** Anything by StudioShaft.
** ''ALittleSnowFairySugar''
** ''SailorMoon''
** ''WinnieThePooh''
** ''{{Pollyanna}}''
** ''TalesOfSymphonia''
** ''LuckyStar''
** ''IriyaNoSoraUFONoNatsu''
** Anything by KojiKumeta. ''How could OldShame exist so close to me?!''
** ''{{Binchou-tan}}''
** ''AzumangaDaioh''
** ''StrawberryShortcake''
** ''GaoGaiGar''
** ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann'': An excellent performance on [[MarinaInoue Chiri-san's]] part! After all, [[SuperOCD perfection is her forte!]]
** ''{{Pokemon}}''
** ''KokoroLibrary''
** ''{{Bokurano}}''
** ''{{Eversion}}''- most adorable video game ever

My personal favourite Tropes:
* Every tropes my favourite- right, to be specific:
** ThePollyanna
** LoveFreak
** WideEyedIdealist
** TheCutie
** TastesLikeDiabetes
** SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism (Idealistic end)
** [[spoiler: KillEmAll]]

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Positivity for the Win! After all we know there is no way something like a BadEnding could happen around here right? - {{daltar}}
* TemptingFate, Daltar? Anyways, it's good to see some positivity! You contribute meaningfully. -[[OuttaTheBLAM a troper]]

How ironic considering you share names with FranzKafka. ~DarthWiki/{{Cliche}}
* Er, KafukaFuura is just my pen name.

This page TastesLikeDiabetes. [[UnfortunateImplications AND DIABETES IS AWESOME!!!]] Also glad to see someone else who watches/enjoys just about everything. - {{zzzdragon}}

SatanicHamster: A Japanese person that place that understands English. That's unusual for me because most Japanese I see around the net don't type in English very well.

How can you be such a sunny fellow when you belong in a surreal show with a psychotic cast? - @/Theflunkster

{{ABadDriver}}: Have you seen a certain thing known as...{{HIGH OCTANE NIGHTMARE FUEL}}?!
* AkasoRekaso: Of course not, silly. How could something from your darkest nightmares made flesh as it devours your physical body and filters your soul through your biggest fears and failed aspirations, turning you into a worthless shell of a human as you take your final breaths and join the collective consciousness of the damned and the misguided, doomed to a non-existence of pain and unfortunate misery, never able to break the cursed chain of despair, exist so close to her?
** [[MagnificentBastard Well played.]]

Watching your favorite tropes, it seems like we will all end up dead... but we'll all be happy '''IN HELL'''! - @/AmusedTroperGuy

@/Kytseo: You're so adorable Kafuka, can I give you a hug?

@/TheMoiderah: How are you going to handle yourself as you are now?

@/SabrinaDiamond: Can I join you, Kafuka?! You're so fun and positve for I am always in despair, suuuguu~! ^^