A Belgian student, who's Autistic.

Oh, and it's '''''[=JonAxDrayda=]''''', by the way - '''not''' ''Jon Ax Drayda''.

My main time wasting here is done by reading fun tropes and adding random examples where I am able to. My name is listed at [[WhatAreTheContributorsRealNames What Are The Contributors' Real Names?]]. And my location can be found in {{Where Are You From}}?.

I also have a fanfiction.net account. You can find it [[http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1445617 here]].

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!!I am a fan of the following anime series, or at the very least have watched them once:
* {{Pokemon}}
* {{Azumanga Daioh}}
* {{K-On}}
* [[SuzumiyaHaruhi The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya]]
* {{Fate Stay Night}}
* {{Ikki Tousen}} (the 3 volumes)
* {{Lucky Star}}
* {{Kannagi}}
* {{Sonic X}}
* {{Chobits}}
* {{Soul Eater}}
* {{Kirby Of The Stars}}

!!I am a fan of the following games, or at the very least have played them once:
* [[SuperSmashBros Super Smash Brothers]] (All 3 of 'em!)
* [[SuperMarioBros Super Mario Brothers]] (All of them!)
* SonicTheHedgehog
** I could also list every game I like, but let's just say I don't feel like putting up over 16 different titles here.
* {{Metroid}}
** ''MetroidPrime''
** ''MetroidOtherM''
* [[ConkersBadFurDay Conker's Bad Fur Day]]
* Many others...

!!I show samples of:
* {{Grammar Nazi}}: Oh, dear lord...
* {{You Keep Using That Word}}: My nickname (mentioned above). Every account I'm logged on to, uses it.
* {{Yuri Fan}}: Mainly of ''LuckyStar'' and ''AzumangaDaioh'', but it doesn't end there. No, sirree...
* {{Bi The Way}}
* {{I Just Want To Be Special}}: Don't we all? Like, really?
* {{Saying Sound Effects Out Loud}}
* {{Otaku}}: Mainly the Anime, Manga, Gaming and Technology-kind.
* JustOneMoreLevel: It ruins my life...
* {{TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life}}
* {{Forgets To Eat}}: Not always, but sometimes.
* {{Mr Imagination}}: A lot. [[{{ptitlegf1u3pozudh8}} A LOT]]!!!
* {{Younger Than They Look}}: Not by much, but it appears.
* {{Fan Preferred Couple}}: Good god!
* {{Amazingly Embarrassing Parents}}: Both my mom and dad. ^-^"
* [[YuriFan Yuri Fanboy]]
* MORE to be added soon...