{{Jedielf}} is an avid Twitter user and YouTuber who lives in Sydney and tries to play guitar, but isn't very good. She used to be a fan of StarWars and LordOfTheRings but is more into other things these days. Like writing. She studied Creative Writing at uni, and wants to get into some sort of related career. Writer's block is currently plaguing her with regards to original stories - but she's currently in the middle of writing a DoctorWho fanfic. Her favourite companion is Romana, but isn't quite sure which Doctor is her favourite. But she's totally fucking ''stoked'' that StevenMoffat is now RunningTheAsylum.

She does watch other TV shows, though, like:
* {{Torchwood}}
* {{QI}}
* {{Spicks And Specks}}
* AshesToAshes
* LifeOnMars
* JonathanCreek
* {{Monk}}
* DeathNote
* {{Firefly}}

And she has a pretty eclectic taste in music. Quite a bit of it is Australian, so she would like to add the Aussie music presence to this site. So without further ado, here are a few of the bands/artists she listens to:
Bob Evans, Jebediah, The Whitlams, Little Birdy, Whitley, Lisa Mitchell, The Audreys, Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set, The Living End, Sherlock's Daughter, Kate Miller-Heidke, Sarah Blasko, Empire of the Sun, The Sleepy Jackson, Eskimo Joe, You Am I, Hoodoo Gurus. And those are just the Aussies. She's also a {{Nirvana}} fan.

Obviously, being a writer, she also loves to read. But she admits to be more a fan of TV, movies and music rather than books.

Also a massive WorldOfWarcraft fan, by the way.

Her profile on YouTube is [[http://youtube.com/user/jedioftime here]].
Her Twitter page is [[http://twitter.com/jedielf here]].