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[[caption-width-right:300: We are your [[SpaceWhale friends]] ]]


[[folder: Class ]]
: [-Euclid-]\\

[[folder: Allegiance ]]
: [-PLATTER-]\\
Please be advised: This vigilante taxonomist shall not be confused with similarly named wights on other sites. The handle is very commonly used.

As you know, carrots are a very noisy vegetable. Do not eat carrot when operating heavy machinery. Lawyers are not friendly with carrot-based cameos. A terran lurker should eat carrots whilst curling. That's what everybody needs, eat carrots and become orange.


[[folder: Troper Profile]]
! Religious Profession
* Protestantism

! Skillset
* [[color:brown:High Master Lyer]]
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Note ]]
: Subject's proficiency in manufacturing Sodium Hydroxide is a lie. Skill item is only present under the subject's request.
* [[color:brown:Proficient Cook]]
* [[color:red:Dabbling Dwarfputer Engineer]]
* [[color:red:Proficient Dwarfputer Operator]]
* [[color:red:Proficient Dwarfputer Programmer]]
* [[color:purple:Skilled Drafter]]
* [[color:blue:Adequate Graphic Artist]]
* [[color:blue:Novice Illustrator]]

! Alignment

! Reported Illegal Troper Activities
* [[SerialTweaker Complete disregard for the preview button]]
* Memetic forum suggestion
* Poth[[LIsForDyslexia o]]ling
* Spoiler [[spoiler: tag]] [[spoiler: abuse]]
* WordCruft

[[folder: Pages Launched]]
* FlunkPunkRumble
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Note ]]
: Subject's very first launched article. Novice Troper errors may or may not be present at the page.
* TheHappyVideoGameNerd
* {{Nujabes}}
* ProGamerGauntlet
* {{Psychotaku}}
* {{Ubunchu}}
* KaichouWaMaidsama
* {{Crossovers.Touhou}}: A list of Touhou crossovers.

[[folder:''Not'' Forum Avatars]]

[[folder: ☢Caution☢ ]]

|| You said something? ||||

||We do not wish to celebrate this new year||
||Choose your weapon [[EverythingsBetterWithBunnies carefully]]||
||[[CutenessProximity Meow]]?||
||[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDEGeibGFGM http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/tvt_tewi_3_2397.jpg]]||
||You [[SanitySlippage shall]] not pass||

[[spoiler:[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wasabi Evil is my favourite flavor]]]]


[[folder: Tropes Applicable]]
* {{Ahoge}}
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Status ]]
: Removed
* CloudCuckooLander
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Note ]]
: Sometimes when the leaves fall down, the cats doesn't seem to care.
* FeelNoPain
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Magnitude ]]
: Limited, Type-specific (Resistance of extremities to heat)
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Note ]]
: Acquired after years of practicing culinary activities.
* [[{{Meganekko}} Gl]][[ScaryShinyGlasses as]][[StoicSpectacles se]][[GeekyGlasses s]]
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Status ]]
: Subject no longer uses glasses day-to-day. Glasses only used only when absolutely necessary
* LazyArtist
** TheNoseless
*** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Status ]]
: Improving
** RubberHoseLimbs
*** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Status ]]
: Used only in storybook style illustrations
** [[FourFingeredHands Non Descript Hands]]
*** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Status ]]
: Improving, slow
** OnlySixFaces
*** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Status ]]
: Improving, slow
* MoustacheDePlume
* RapidFireTyping
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Note ]]
: Consistent above-average typing speed after ten consecutive tests with less than 5% deviation.
* RenaissanceMan
* TalkativeLoon
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Note ]]
: Onions are your friend; go eat a raw apple.
* TheSouthPaw
* {{Tsundere}}
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Type ]]
: B
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Addendum ]]
: Recent sensor readings indicate a gradual shift to {{Dandere}} due to recent bouts of CharacterDevelopment. Said Development is reported to be within normal human level fluctuations.
* WeakButSkilled

[---Gathering information on meme...---]\\
[---Critical Error: Buffer Overflow---]\\
[---Modifying permissions...---]\\
[---Memory allocated for vandalysis below the line.---]\\

Oh btw, you should make sure you're defining your array sizes correctly ;) - @/{{jhax}}
** Oh yes you are. Because of you, I suddenly look like a pathetic loner! Also, I use vectors instead of arrays! - jcruz
* You seem pretty cool, for a member of Platter. I'm a FORKS person, myself. ~ @/AlirozTheConfused.
** Yay!
* Wraithsight here thx for the coding advice on my page, its always welcome.
** Ohoho. Wait till you find out about Tables!
* {{@/Mamanerd}} returning the graffiti love, along with a complimentary fruit basket. *Holds fruit basket aloft*
** I SAW WHAT YOU DI-- did you say fruits? Yay!
* System.''[[color:green:out]]''.println([[color:brown:"Have some Java."]]); [[color:grey://Sadly I ran out of coffee.]] - @/{{Bisected8}}
** Getting some java... [[color:red:Exception in thread "main" java.lang.[=NullPointerException=]]]
* Ha! I has a troper page! And ''who's'' the one who said I can't? - @/{{jhax}}
** I never said you can't.
* So, even though I found it already, thanks for the link to Writer's Block, it really helps when I'm attempting to go to my conversations. - @/{{Tre}}
** You're welcome!
* Godot Was Here
** Weh? Really? Where?
* [[/folder]]

[[folder: Us Liberal Artisans will rule the world!!!! ]]
- @/{{iamdatroper}}
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: For the Revolution! ]]

* I be sharing the vandalism love back at you. - {{Tropers/Balmung}}
** うるさい! [=*slap*=] That still doesn't mean we're sweethearts! [=*blush*=]
* [[/folder]]

-- @/{{A Crack In Time}}
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: BWAHAHAHA! Puny Earthling! [[Nothing Can Stop Us Now Nothing Can ]]
[[TemptingFate Stop Me Now]]!]]
* The Faeries made me do it. - @/{{StolenByFaeries}}
** No, not Cirno!
* This is vandalism. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. --[[@/{{sgrunt}} a Legendary Vandal]]
** On the item is an image of a Troper. On the item is an image of a Troper Page. The Troper is laughing. The Troper Page is making a plaintive gesture. This artwork relates to the creation of sgrunt's masterful rendition of Magicpants the Butcherpeacefulness by jcruz.
* Where am I? What's going on? Am I real? Is it me, John Wayne?Is it you? - @/{{OrangeSpider}}
** Oh no! It's an existential nightmare all over again!
* Fellow Pinoy FTW! :D -@/{{Nekoalexa}}
** \(^o^)/
* You sound really cool. ~ {{Tropers/Braincogs}}
** ...But if you take a thermometer, my core temperature is actually around 43 degrees celsius, which is a little bit warm in my opinion.
* Hey hey hey... hey. -@/ShadowBender
** Yo yo yo... yo!
* I AM '''JOHN GALT'''!! Well, no. And I'm thankful for it. - @/AmusedTroperGuy
** Who?! Oh wait, I thought you were Doctor Caligari.
* I approve of your forum signature. :D --@/{{Harpsichord}}
** LudwigVanBeethoven: Officially approved by the United Sentient Keyboard Instruments Union
* Hello, Troper Jcruz. So I herd u liek cerebrospinal fluids, eh? Why not sample my medulla oblongata instead? - @/{{DL}}
** Eh. I don't like medullas. They taste like involuntary muscular functions. [--Well, not really. I'm [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lye lyeing]]. I love medullas!--]
* Hello jcruz. I LIKEZ FOOWD --@/EternalNoob
** Foowd?! No! My one weakness! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
* The Great Mineralizator was here. [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin He mineralized some organic tropes.]] BAMF! - @/{{Belfagor}}
** Hmmm... I guess I could weaponize some inorganic tropes...
** I hope that limestone was enough. Could you add some tropes on my wall in change? Please?
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Space Whale Deployed. ]]

* [[VideoGame/WarriorsOrochi For Love and Honour!]] -[[@/{{desdendelle}} Naoe Kanetsugu]]
** Foreach Love as Honour
*** Do print Honour in string form
* hello there! i was just browsing through the troper pages. hi. -@/{{Passerby}}