Hey. My name's Isabel. (Yes, it's my real name.) I'm a student in math, physics, and english; a proud geek; a Michigan-based Red Sox fan; and prone to taking on more than I can reasonably cope with (and failing).

This Troper may contain examples of:

* {{Asexual}}: Really.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: I rarely get angry. On those rare occasions, I'm told I'm terrifying.
* CloudCuckooLander: Lack of sleep is conducive to this.
* FacePalm: The standard method of expressing exasperation.
* GeniusDitz: Most of my family and friends would probably recognize me as this.
* GoodWithNumbers: Math just makes sense.
* {{Kuudere}}: I am often accused of being cold and distant around people I don't know well.
* {{Lurker}}: Self-explanatory, although I occasionally edit this wiki.
* MsImagination
* TheQuietOne: I'm not ignoring you, really. I just don't talk much.
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: Lack of sleep is also conducive to this, oddly enough.
* TheSmartGuy: On a good day.

Yeah... It depends on the timing.


* TheActsOfCaine
* CodeGeass
* DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog
* DoctorWho
* TheDresdenFiles
* ElfenLied
* ElGoonishShive
* {{Firefly}}
* FullmetalAlchemist
* GunnerkriggCourt
* {{Hellblazer}}
* {{Misfile}}
* OrderOfTheStick
* NeonGenesisEvangelion
* NobodyDies and countless other fanfics
* RobotUnicornAttack
* ASongOfIceAndFire
* {{Transmetropolitan}}
* {{Trigun}}
* {{Unshelved}}
* TheWayOfTheMetagamer

...and loads more stuff that I can't remember at the moment.