IBlameCommunism is a [[TroperDemographics young nerdy male troper]] from Edinburgh, finest city in all the world. He's currently a high school student, and his interests include Tv Tropes, Alternate History Forum, the internet more generally, the world of literature, and sailing.

He's something of a HedgeTrimmer, and tends to confine himself to adding some examples, padding examples out a bit, and of course correcting historical references with maximum nerdiness. His progress across wikispace can be traced by the caustic and slightly over-long edit reasons he scurulously leaves in his wake. He is a slightly fanatical devotee of SPOON, and determined to drive all gratuitous Japanese off English-wiki and on to Japanese-wiki, which, being a determined evangeliser of TV Tropes in all countries, he eagerly awaits.

BerserkButton: Ignorant Germanophobic (owing to his German background) or Russophobic (the name implies sympathy with the Russian people, hey?) nonsense of the type to which HollywoodHistory is so prone and which have been [[MemeticMutation used repeatedly on this very wiki]]. Also, BeautifulAllAlong. People look ''better'' in glasses, you bastards! I'LL KILL YOU ALL! YOU WILL ALL DIE ALONE AND IN AGONY!