This Troper is a very weird gamer.

She's {{blessed with suck}} when it comes to most Video Games, has weird taste, and is near middle age.

Her favorite games are ''{{Quest 64}}'' for the {{Nintendo 64}} and ''FinalFantasyVIII'' on the {{PlayStation}}. There's more, but she needs not mention them as it would take forever.

Hydronix also doesn't drive, thinks Diablos from ''Final Fantasy VIII'' looks cute, and hates ''FinalFantasyVII'' and everything that goes with it, save some characters.

For a long time, she was a fairly active member of WeAreOurAvatars, but many factors made her quit. The two most important ones were the influx of ''really bad players'' (which is more why she's not coming back so much as quitting in the first place) and {{Homestuck}} references. She originally planned to take a break, but that just pretty much killed her interest in ''playing'' the game. She still lurks and reads everything, as to not completely leave it, despite what people may think.

...Which would apply if she didn't come back later.

Most of her contributions are about ''Quest 64'' or just fixing spelling errors.
* And in related news, her information on the japanese version[[CaptainObvious (that she added, obviously)]] was quoted on GameFAQs. Nice

The woman has finally gotten a blog. You may choose to suffer now.

Some tropes that fit the woman behind the keyboard.
* {{Bi The Way}}
* {{Blessed With Suck}}: As mentioned above
* {{Catchphrase}}: "I can't wait to see it.", "Let's be honest here."
* {{Chivalrous Pervert}}: She prefers the term "Professional Pervert"
* {{Captain Obvious}}: With her low wisdom, well... See right below.
* [[DontExplainTheJoke Don't Explain The Joke]]: Either she gets it, or she doesn't. There's no inbetween.
* {{Even Evil Has Standards}}: Yes...
* {{Evil Laugh}}: She has one
* {{Fan Nickname}}: Hydro, Dev(for her Deviot persona), Irene, Hy, Haidro
* {{Forgets To Eat}}: Or too lazy.
* {{Hurricane of Puns}}/{{Incredibly Lame Pun}}s: All over the place, yeish.
* {{The Insomniac}}: Starting to become a former one, now.
* {{Not A Morning Person}}: At least offline.
* {{Porn Stache}}/{{Porn Stash}}: Both exist. She can't help how her mustache looks.
* {{The Scrappy}}: Pretty much not at all liked. Regardless of what she does.

Some tropes that fit the character Hydronix
* {{The Dragon}}: Specifically, he was captured by the evil Deva.(pronunced Dev-va) Eventually, he got free, but was his most powerful Franchise/{{Pokemon}} at the time.
* {{Marty Stu}}: At least in the We Are Our Author Avatars in the first two universes he was in.
* {{Made of Iron}}: He's immune to explosions, and consequently, sneak attacks.
* The Ultimate {{Heroic Bastard}}: {{Exactly what it says on the tin}} here.
* {{Wangst}}: Ugh... justified or not...

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I also liked {{Quest 64}}! It was a simple, clearly rushed (THQ wanted it out before ''Ocarina of Time'' in the US, so they demanded it be released in the summer) game, but it was light-hearted and charming. Also, how'd you manage to get two names? The page name is Hydronix, your troper name shows up as Irene. How'd you do that? - @/BonsaiForest
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