[[CaptainObvious Hremsfeld is a troper]] [[DoomedHometown hailing from a small town]] [[{{Eagleland}} in America.]] [[MrExposition Due to having]] [[{{SMAndy}} a British friend across]] ThePond, [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters and]] [[{{Lolicon}} a mutual friend]] [[{{Eagleland}} in]] [[RunningGag America]] [[LonersAreFreaks who he talks to online more often than face-to-face]], [[OverlyLongGag he's managed to get a]] [[BriefAccentImitation partial British accent.]] [[TroperIRCChannel His IRC handle]] [[MeaningfulName is "Razgriz."]] [[VideoGameStealing This was originally blatantly stolen from]] [[AceCombat Ace Combat 5]] [[YouKeepUsingThatWord and applied to a character in]] [[http://reapersunion.proboards85.com a Bleach RP]], [[FridgeBrilliance until he realized]] [[IHaveManyNames that it's also the name for]] [[BilingualBonus the Russian equivalent of]] [[TheGrimReaper a certain well-known psychopomp]]. [[MyNameIsInigoMontoya He also responds]] [[IncrediblyLamePun on IRC to "[Captain_]Buzzcut,"]] [[CloudCuckoolander and doesn't really know why he's typing in third person.]] [[LampshadeHanging Or why he]] [[BlueShifting Blue Shifted his page.]] [[JustForFun Just For Fun, perhaps?]]

[[CrossesTheLineTwice He tends to be a]] [[DeadpanSnarker smartass online;]] [[WeirdnessCensor don't mind him, though,]] [[FalseReassurance it's all in good fun.]] [[ForTheEvulz Usually.]] [[ExplosiveOverclocking He also tends to engage in]] [[RapidFireTyping Rapid Fire Typing, though not so much as of late.]]

[[StartOfDarkness Person who got me addicted to this place:]] [[{{Skellie}} Our very own Loli Overlord!]] [[UnSoundEffect *applause applause*]]

[[LaconicWiki Made, on Laconic:]]

[[TroperTales Made, on Troper Tales:]]
* [[TroperTales/FightFurYourRightToParty Fight Fur Your Right To Party]]

[[MilitaryAndWarfareTropes Indicies:]]
* ForcesWithFirepower

[[EntryPimp Recently, I've started to pimp]] OtomeKikanGretel. [[YourMileageMayVary Yes, I'm a]] YuriFanboy, [[CardCarryingVillain and damn proud of it.]]