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Wow! This is going to be complicated.

No, I'm a fairly recent fan of this site, mostly contributing my comic book knowledge. This site has been a great outlet for my otherwise useless knowledge of trivia and has exposed me to some great stuff on the web as well.

I'll admit, I have to sometimes fight the urge to jump in on {{EditWar}}s being a conservative turned libertarian troper who still feels his old team gets a bad rap (and a mostly-fundamentalist Christian, but not of the '''Die Sinner!!''' variety.) I mostly limit it to when I feel the article is grossly unfair and to this site's credit, you guys catch those a lot on your own. So thank you. :)

Pages started by this Contributor:
* AntiHumor: File that under "I'm surprised we didn't have this one." Or whatever that trope title is.
* LegacyLaunch
* LoreSjoberg: Technically the page existed but nothing had been done with it yet.