I'm a college graduate with a degree in liberal arts and hopefully, within the next few years, a master's degree in library science. I write in my spare time, and I'm admittedly an unabashed YuriFan (''not'', I should add, because GirlOnGirlIsHot, but because I am a hopeless romantic and I rarely find myself able to identify with male characters). I've contributed to a number of pages and created a few as well, including those for ''{{Uncharted}}'' and ''HeavenlySword''.

Favorite books: ''The BookOfTheNewSun'' (Gene Wolfe), ''The Ghost Writer'' (John Harwood), ''PerdidoStreetStation'' (China Mieville), most ''{{Discworld}}'' novels (Terry Pratchett).

Favorite films: ''BladeRunner'', ''TheThirdMan'', ''ApocalypseNow'', ''RearWindow'', ''MillersCrossing''.

Favorite comics: ''{{Hellboy}}'', ''{{Hellblazer}}'', ''{{Priest}}'', ''GhostInTheShell''.

Favorite anime: ''ReadOrDie'', ''GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex'', ''MacrossPlus'', ''{{Texhnolyze}}'', ''RecordOfLodossWar''.

GuiltyPleasures include: ''{{Witchblade}}'', ''QueensBlade'', ''{{Mnemosyne}}'', ''KoihimeMusou'', ''StrawberryPanic''.