So, names Gearleader, nice to meet yea. Age 20, college kid. Here i am
!!Impromptu Tropes That Describe This Troper Section~
* AwesomeMcCoolname Uh...self explanatory? ~ {{@/Junfez}}
* BadassMoustache: You seems to be badass, and your avatar has a moustache. And a badass one. So it works...I guess. ~@/DhanaRagnarok
* CasanovaWannabe: Fits this to a T. c: -@/{{Danniiee}}
* {{Crazy Awesome}}~@/{{Dracosketch}}
* DeathGlare: Scroll down. -@/{{lolacat}}
* KatanasAreJustBetter: If you used an actual one. - [[@/VoidsEmpathy The Void]]
* NewMeat - As per the rule of Trope Application... -[[@/VoidsEmpathy The Void]]
* {{Nice Guy}} ~@/{{Dracosketch}}
* OneOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers kendo, football, video gamesd. -~[[@mellochan42]]
* {{Pretty Cool Guy}} ~@/{{Dracosketch}}
* ShockAndAwe: I feel like in a video game, you'd be the one with electric powers. Zap. - {{@/Junfez}}
* UpperClassTwit:You avert this with splendour.-Tropers/XiphosOrochi666


With our names, we should hang out on the forums. ~ {{Tropers/Braincogs}}

So hey, you're a pretty good roleplayer. /stalkstalkstalk ~ Electrosa

* Ha, yeah right. ~ {{Tropers/GearLeader}}

Hey, you like the same bands as me! Cool! {{Tropers/thespacephantom}}

Lookie here. Fresh meat, heh. Nah, I'm vegitarian. My favorite vegetable is meat. - @/KarlKadaver
-->Karl's Inner Voice: Karl! That was lame! You can do better than that! LAAAAMMMMMEEE!!!\\
Karl: Oh yeah, well...[[SarcasmFailure shutup!]]

* [[SaturdayNightLive I've got a fever]] [[MemeticMutation and the only prescription]] [[BlueOysterCult is more]] VANDALISM! ~@/{{raigakuren}}

* [[{{Memes/Touhou}} HONK HONK!]] ~ @/{{TARDISES}}

* I'm surprised. I thought you'd be older than me. ~ {{Tropers/Enzeru}}

* Ah, a '94-er. - Persimmon Tapioca Bear

* FullmetalAlchemist? First series or second series? -- @/LiberatedLiberater
** Both -- @/GearLeader
*** Awesome. :-bd -- @/LiberatedLiberater
* ow --{{Tropers/CaptainExcellent}}
* whats akria = @/CommanderObvious

** Spelled it wrong, its Akira = @/{{Gearleader}}

* Hello Troper....'''''[[{{Starcraft}} NUCLEAR LAUNCH DETECTED.]]''''' - @/VoidsEmpathy

* Hewwo there. I be vandalising your page. -@/{{Danniiee}}

* -GRRAAAGH- picked up by pterodactyl. ~@/{{raigakuren}}

* [=*=]sets fire to the water* - @/StolenByFaeries

* Two men were caught vandalizing, one of them says he was forced to, the other says the other is lying. Who is telling the truth? Answer: [[spoiler:I dunno, it doesn't make sense to me.]] - @/{{Rivux}}

* My present to you. -Nukes page- --[[@/ShadowBender Noun Verber]]

* [[{{Warcraft}} It's hammer time! -Griffon roars-]] -@/{{desdendelle}}

* Ailedhoo asks: do you dream of [[ Steel Dreams?]] -@/{{Ailedhoo}}

* [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Wait, I don't see any gears following you...]] ~@/{{thiefoftime}}

* BUTT SCRATCHAH!!! ~@/{{raigakuren}}

* Persona!-Tropers/XiphosOrochi666

* Hai Gear! Thanks for being a good friend to meeeee! ~ @/TheJinny :3

* Apparently, we're OTP. xD Wanna set off the shipping ships...? ;D -@/{{Danniiee}}

** Greetings, harem member. c: -@/{{Danniiee}}

* This page seems to be suffering from a disturbing lack of me; allow me to remedy this matter! :) ~@/EgregiousOne