This troper is a Cambridge geology graduate and identifies herself as Nerdy, Geeky and Dorky all at once. Although she is currently working in Cornwall, she is very proud of coming from [[OopNorth Lancashire]].

The biggest love of this troper's life is {{JRRTolkien}}'s works (though not so much the adaptations). However, since she likes to obsess over multiple subject matter, she is also attached to LesMiserables (both book and musical), [[TheHunchbackOfNotreDame Notre Dame De Paris]] (ditto), {{Star Wars}} (and the [[StarWarsExpandedUniverse EU]]), ThePrincessBride and BackToTheFuture. She also enjoys reading 18th and 19th century literature voraciously, watching and listening to a wide variety of musicals and playing her clarinet.

The name is an amalgam of some silly elvish name generator the troper ran her name through 8 years ago and has been her online identity ever since, and [[LesMiserables Jean Valjean]]'s second prison number.

She particularly enjoys [[WikiWalk Wiki Walks]].

Launched the page for ''FarmerGilesOfHam''.