The @/FinalGamer is a long-time noob of TV Tropes, having discovered this strange new wiki to learn more of YumeNikki before the legendary NightmareFuel tropes sucked him in and, as a result, is now one of many unfortunate addicts of Tropism, like many of today overfed on pop culture. Please give [[Film/StreetFighter 2 Bison Dollars]] per month to relieve yourself of the guilt of this happening.

He is Scottish/Greek, enjoys writing and therefore [[NationalStereotypes a very loud but very friendly horny sex fiend]] who, despite not even able to hold his alcohol beyond that of cider, doesn't mind haggis at all.

As made obvious by the stupid name, he is a huge fanatic of videogames and will almost always travel to the bottom of every trope page to see the videogame section first before checking on others.

This troper also has his own Youtube channel, learning the ways of the [[LetsPlay Lets Player]] as well as endeavouring to educate people worldwide upon [[CrowningMusicOfAwesomeVideoGames the greatness of videogame music]] via his [[ Underrated VideoGame Music]] series.

Much to his astonishment/shame/disbelief, he has an old fanfic of his recommended on this very site, about [[FanficRecs/CourageTheCowardlyDog Courage the Cowardly Dog]], entitled "''[[ Bloody Courage]]''". Normally this would not be mentioned but due to his crippling sense of low self-esteem, it makes him weep happily to know of this.

Tropes and Pages that this Troper is very fond of are:
* JourneyToTheCenterOfTheMind (metaphysical shit is so meta)
* NightmareFuel
* ShoutOut
* TakeThat
* CriticalResearchFailure (for the lulz)
* DidNotDoTheResearch (also for the lulz)
* MarySue (as a very comprehensive guide in learning how NOT to write fanfiction)
* AnimalsOfFarthingWood
* DeusEx
* FreelanceAstronauts
* LetsPlay
* EternalChampions
* {{Animaniacs}}
* {{Futurama}}
* AspergerSyndrome
* [[CrowningMusic/VideoGames Crowning Videogame Music of Awesome]]

Pages this Troper has created:
* Fanfic/LePetitFour
* TitanicAdventureOutOfTime