{{Etheru}} is a troper.

Fan of several things.

Prone to [[ApologizesALot apologizing]] and ranting. Sometimes both.

[[SelfDeprecation Kind of an asshole.]]
!!! Shout Outs
[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sun9k-HXuGA Hey, man.]] ~ {{Schitzo}}

Feel free to add Tropes, disagree with these statements, agree with these statements, etc.

Oh hai! -@/{{Spooky Mask}}

You're such a [[TheWoobie Woobie]], and you're a good person partially due to it. The other reason...you're just completely awesome and fun. :) ~ {{Tropers/Arcadiarika}}

Love and monsters is the greatest doctor who story I have ever watched...okay exaggerating a bit... ShiningKnight

Let us fight together, Etheru! [[ForGreatJustice FIGHT FOR EVERLASTING PEACE!]] Anyways, you're a great Role-Player and friend. Thanks. - [[{{Tropers/TheRealWren}} Wren.]]