My name is Emma. I'm 21, from New Zealand. I do karate, I'm a brown belt.

I found TV Tropes when studying for a Media Studies essay I had to write on sitcoms and their influence in US society.

The sitcoms I chose were {{Full House}} and {{Married With Children}} (80s), {{Friends}} (90s) and {{Modern Family}} (2000s). TV Tropes was ridiculously helpful, so thanks tropers!

!!Tropes that describe me...(in case you are curious. Or a stalker. Either or.):

* {{Action Girl}}
* {{Badass Bookworm}}
* {{Blue Eyes}}: or sometimes {{Grey Eyes}}
* {{BiTheWay}}
* {{Captain Obvious}} the rescue! "Why thank you, Sergent Sarcasm."
* {{Fangirl}}
* GeekyGlasses
* {{Hair of Gold}}: *insert blonde joke here*
* {{Homeschooled Kids}}: - I was homeschooled. Yes. "Oh my gosh, do you ever, like, leave your house?" "Do you wear your PJs all day?"
* IKnowKarate
* {{LipstickLesbian}}: Half subverted because bisexual.
* {{Nerd Glasses}}: But subverted because I actually wear contacts.
* {{Ninja}}: To a certain extent.
* WhatAreTheContributersRealNames: Emma (You: oh my gosh no way!)

!!Things I enjoy:
[[folder: Film]]
* HarryPotter
* LoveActually
* NottingHill
* PrincessBride[[/folder]]

[[folder: Literature]]
* HarryPotter
* MemoirsOfAGeisha
* MortalInstruments
* NeverLetMeGo
* PrincessBride
* PrideAndPrejudice

[[folder: Live Action TV]]
* BuffyTheVampireSlayer
* {{Chuck}}
* FlightOfTheConchords
* {{Friends}}
* FullHouse
* GameOfThrones
* GilmoreGirls
* {{Glee}}
* GossipGirl
* ModernFamily
* OrphanBlack
* VampireDiaries
* WizardsOfWaverlyPlace (best disney channel lie)[[/folder]]