A biologist that sits much too much in front of computer. Ask me about euglena and introns.

Has favourite stuff in all types of works except comics. Continuity is scary.

'''Trope Me!:'''

* TheQuietOne - she seems very much a Tropette of Few Words normally - @/{{Keybreak}}
* GenkiGirl

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Vandalized [[color:violet:FOR GREAT JUSTICE]]. Trigun? Sweeney Todd? Cats? You sound like my kind of person. [[@/OuttaTheBLAM a vandal]]

Fooly-Cooly? - @/{{Krrackknut}}.

(puts a cigarette out on your contributor page)

Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! Is this gimmick getting old yet? --@/{{goodtimesfreegrog}}

[[color:blue:WOLF'S RAIN]] [[color:orange:OH MY GOSH.]] - @/{{Leradny}}

[[color:greeN: HERRO!]] - @/SpainSun

Greetings! - @/{{Kinkajou}}

Spillin' some TroperWorks/BadBlood here. - @/NotSoBadassLongcoat

I came, I fixed some red-links, I said [[EngagingConversation "Marry me"]]. - @/{{Lemurian}}


[[color:blue:Wryyyyyyyyyy! :3]] ~ @/TheLuckyStar

Nyaa? - @/{{Catzalcoatl}}

Somebody else who likes Lem and (some of those anime). Cool. %%Tzetze

Aw, everything is in color...[[color:red: I wanna play too!]] :P Hello. - @/{{Keybreak}}

[[color:#ff00ff:R]][[color:#ff00cc:a]][[color:#ff0099:i]][[color:#ff0066:n]][[color:#ff0033:b]][[color:#ff0000:o]][[color:#ff3300:w]] [[color:#ff6600:p]][[color:#ff9900:o]][[color:#ffcc00:w]][[color:#ffff00:e]][[color:#ccff00:r]] [[color:#99ff00:a]][[color:#66ff00:c]][[color:#33ff00:t]][[color:#00ff00:i]][[color:#00ff33:v]][[color:#00ff66:a]][[color:#00ff99:t]][[color:#00ffcc:e]][[color:#00ffff:!]] --@/{{sgrunt}}

[[color:red: YOU ARE AWESOME, MISS!]] -@/LockonLockon

You can speak more than one language? I wish I knew how to speak another language! I only know bits and pieces of a few... :-) ~{{Tropers/Fuzy2K}}

[=*blinded by the rainbow few graffit ago*=] ~@/SpookyMask

Witam. Jak się masz? Well that's about the extent of my skill in Polish; figured I'd get to know the person who edited my page. See you around the forum. -@/{{Kino}}

Cześć! Studiuję Polsku, ale nie znam dużo! :3 --@/{{Annebeeche}}

Great page of Lem. If you answer this, do it in Polish (with a translation). - @/AmusedTroperGuy

You're from Poland? That's actually very awesome. - @/StolenByFaeries