Despite having haunted the wiki long enough to see the abuse of "Incredibly Lazy Pun" led to that becoming StealthPun and the entire life cycles of "Incredibly Lame Pun" (once a redirecting PotholeMagnet, now LamePunReaction), TroperTales and "So Yeah", the gradual shooing-out of "This Troper", I'm still one of the wiki's lower-order creatures, just grazing on unitalicised names for works, [[RougeAnglesOfSatin spelling]] and [[GrammarNazi grammar errors]], broken {{Pot Hole}}s, adding examples and [[HedgeTrimmer tidying up]].

But apart from two {{YKTTW}} entries that became SmartBomb and OvernightConquest (thanks to other editors), and bashing out the SelfDemonstrating/GLaDOS page (which was then transformed by others), I don't start many pages, though I nurture a few from being mere stubs, such as ''TabletopGame/{{Fiasco}}'' and ''VideoGame/RemnantsOfSkystone''. I suppose you could say I'm a WikiMagic fairy. Not a description I'd have chosen, but there you go.