Mostly a placeholder until I feel like making something more of it. (Aside: geez, my name looks dumb as a wiki word. Maybe I should've just gone with "Doogie.")

My name is Doogie. I'm Canadian. I write a [[ hockey blog]], I work in a research lab, I study kinesiology, and I suspect at this point I watch more [[BritishTellyTropes British TV]] than Canadian or American; I know I enjoy more.

My favourite [[DoctorWho Doctor]] is ChristopherEccleston, though DavidTennant has finally grown on me (though not for lack of effort on the part of a certain think you're really clever with that [[NoSuchThingAsSpaceJesus Space Jesus]] shit in ''Voyage of the Damned'', don't you, Davies?) And I was extremely saddened by Donna's VictoryInducedAmnesia turning her back into an unlikable bint almost immediately after her CrowningMomentOfAwesome.

Current TV roster:
* ''{{Bones}}''
* ''BurnNotice''
* ''CakeBoss'' - Shut up.
* ''{{CSI}}'' - Original flavour and ''[[{{CSINY}} NY]]'' at the moment, though that can change.
* ''DoctorWho''
* ''HockeyNightInCanada'' - It counts.
* ''{{House}}''
* ''{{Jeopardy}}!''
* ''MidsomerMurders'' - I will be sad when John Nettles leaves.
* ''MythBusters'' - On occasion
* ''{{NCIS}}'' and ''[[{{NCISLosAngeles}} LA]]''
* ''NewTricks''
* ''{{Sherlock}}'' - That guy seems to be channelling Jeremy Brett.
* ''{{Survivor}}''
* ''TheCloser''

Retired TV roster (incomplete):
* ''TheAdventuresOfBriscoCountyJr'' - So much potential wasted. Bruce Campbell in a [[PunkPunk steampunk]] western AffectionateParody...[[RecycledINSPACE with Aliens]]. How did it turn out so mediocre?
* ''{{Alias}}'' - That Super Bowl episode was [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome awesome]]. And then in season three it got really fucked up, and then it got worse from there.
* ''{{Andromeda}}'' - This is what happens when you give the lead actor [[ExecutiveMeddling creative control]].
* ''BigBrother'' - Too many [[JerkAss unrepentant douchebags]] for my liking.
* ''{{Charmed}}'' - I was 13, I can be forgiven. Also, the series ended after three or four years. [[DisContinuity Just saying.]]
* ''CornerGas''
* ''CriminalMinds'' - {{Squick}}
* ''[[CSIMiami CSI: Miami]]'' - David Caruso; tried again recently, got distracted by how bloody shiney it was. Spelling intentional.
* ''DiagnosisMurder'' - One of the first shows I watched with my parents.
* ''GhostHunters'' - The gimmick's worn off on me.
* ''[[ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHere I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!]]'' - I'm not proud of it.
* ''Jake 2.0'' - So obscure it doesn't even have a TV Tropes page, apparently.
* ''JeevesAndWooster'' - Mom got me into this. Before he was DrJerk, he was the consummate UpperClassTwit. Got bored of it in season two when they started doing the same story about some annoying secondary character every week.
* ''{{Jericho}}'' - They lost a lot of people with the CerebusSyndrome-esque turn for the dramatic halfway through season one. Was awesome later but everyone stopped giving a shit long before then.
* ''TheJoeSchmoShow''
* ''JohnDoe''
* ''MartialLaw'' - Went all weird.
* ''TheMentalist'' - Thoroughly unlikeable jackass.
* ''TheMole'' - ABC keeps jerking this one around, but it really is a fun little distraction.
* ''{{Monk}}'' - Too much squirming
* ''MurderInSmallTownX'' - Cool concept; too bad it never got a second season.
* ''NowAndAgain''
* ''{{Numb3rs}}'' - Too much WriterOnBoard, thanks
* ''QuantumLeap'' - When Scott Bakula could act
* ''StargateSG1'' - Never got into it; too much syndication, I guess.
* ''StargateAtlantis''
* ''StarTrek'' - Various series; gave up on ''[[StarTrekEnterprise Enterprise]]'' after the Time War nonsense started.
* ''TheAmazingRace'' - Too many format changes.
* ''TheLastDetective'' - Peter Davison assumes it's cancelled, and who am I to argue with Tristan and TheDoctor?
* ''TheOthers'' - Great premise, inconsistent execution.
* ''ThePretender'' - Quite liked this one, actually.
* ''WithoutATrace'' - Too much soap opera.