Hello there, and welcome to my home! It's a Tvtropes page!

Since you've taken the time to look at this page, I'll reward you with entirely inconsequential information!

* I am a fourteen year old teenager of the male gender, and I try not to act like it.[[spoiler: Hopefully human.]]
** That said, school really screws with whenever I'm in a roleplay(Currently doing a {{Fallout}} [=PnP=] with a few of my friends)
** I tell people that I go to "classes", not "school", so they don't make assumptions due to my age.
* I'm a gamer. I enjoy games. Its a bit confusing if I try to explain what kinds of games I like.
* [[CaptainObvious I have opinions]], and I try to keep them informed.
* I enjoy all types of music, though Google says I prefer progressive rock.
* Unfortunately, I have a ton of things to do in my life. I really, really wish I could do more things with Tvtropes, but I currently just...lurk.

[[DontExplainTheJoke Yes, I said I live in Tvtropes.]]

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