I see a red name and I want it painted blue..

(This page is hideously out of date but I don't really care enough to edit it. Meh.)

If you are here on my page, you probably found me via the forums, so... hi. The vandalism place is right down the corner, below the LongList of stuff I enjoy.

I am also a 16 year old dude from SNOW COUNTRY, USA! Because I want to put that ''somewhere'' stable.

I have created no tropes, but HAS made minor edits on several pages. Mostly a fourmite and wiki-lurker.

Because I feel like it, have a list of stuff that I probably enjoyed at one point. I don't think I'm ever actually gonna update this again.


* FullmetalAlchemist
* {{Bleach}}
* {{Naruto}}
* OnePiece



* CalvinAndHobbes
* FoxTrot
* {{Bone}}



* {{Serenity}}
* The HarryPotter films
* TheLordOfTheRings
* ToyStory
* WallE



* MontyPython
* {{Firefly}}
* MashTheSeries
* {{Mythbusters}}



* HarryPotter
* {{Discworld}}
* TheLordOfTheRings
* PercyJackson
* The Tunnels Series



* {{Nightwish}}
* LinkinPark (Stop looking at me like that)
* WithinTemptation
* {{Kamelot}} (Most of the stuff after and including Epica.)
* Blackmore's Night
* BreakingBenjamin (Most of the stuff after the first album.)
* ThreeDaysGrace (Mostly the first two albums, the third was meh.)



* {{Pokemon}} (I only have Crystal and Yellow, but I enjoy both.)
* HalfLife
* LeftForDead
* DragonAge
* MassEffect (I only have the first game so far)
* FinalFantasy (VII, VIII, X, X-2, XII, and Tactics Advance, I don't have anything else.
* GuildWars
* CityOfHeroes (Currently unsubscribed)
* WorldOfWarcraft (Ditto)
* TheLordOfTheRingsOnline (Only did free trial, but going to play it when it goes free)
* {{Mario}} (The series in general, really. The RPGS are the best.
* TheLegendOfZelda (Oracle Of Ages, Minish Cap, and Twilight Princess.)
* SuperSmashBros
* CounterStrike
* {{Minecraft}}
* MitadakeHigh (I am both dmboogie and Ironcat.)
* TheWorldEndsWithYou
* FireEmblem (Shadow Dragon)



* PhineasAndFerb
* SamuraiJack
* PowerpuffGirls
* TheBatman



* TheOrderOfTheStick
* BobAndGeorge
* BrawlInTheFamily
* QuestionableContent
* {{Adventurers}}
* StickmanAndCube


And a lot more stuff that I've forgotten and will fill in later.

Now, feel free to vandalize my page, fellow friends, enemies, and tropers! Time to [[{{TemptingFate}} tempt fate!]]

[-{{Dmboogie}} is a fantastic RPer. - {{Staghorn}}-]

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Hey, dmboogie! You're a cool guy. You put up with my crap, and when I see your posts on IJBM, I know they'll be coherent and kind. Thanks for being awesome!