Currently taking a break from this wiki because of annoyance at certain arbitrary admin decisions.

Will compare everything to {{anime}} and ''CityOfHeroes''.

In fact, so obsessed with ''CityOfHeroes'' that he ''completely'' missed TheGreatCrash because he was busy [[LevelGrinding levelling]] a new alt.

Has a general-purpose [[ Livejournal]] and a marginally more specific [[ anime blog]].

''Not'' a native English speaker. Ethnically Chinese, culturally at least part Indonesian, lives in [[UsefulNotesOnSingapore Singapore]]. Therefore, is incapable of thinking in only a single language. Forgiveness and tolerance is humbly requested.

Blamed for the following articles:


[[folder: Actual Articles of Use and Honour ]]

* DelegationRelay
* IdiotsCannotCatchColds
* NotInTheFace
* SmashingWatermelons
* YouCantMissIt
* {{Pocky}}


[[folder: Series ]]

* ''LuckyStar''
* ''RentalMagica''
* ''{{Haruhi-chan}}''
* ''MaidRPG''


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