This is merely so I can keep track of character tropes in role-plays I participate in. It's just for fun really, and for memory, as stories can kind of drag across a large time period, so forgetting details can be easy.

Roleplays not currently being done will be deleted from here, and retrieved from the edit history upon it starting up again -- although currently I am in none.

Past characters:
* Kibatsuna: Melodee Coda, Aeron Carpio, Richard, Jean, Patrick, Irene "Sensible" Cook, Felix Warren, Florence O'Sullivan,
* Shawn Burnham, Penny Yates / Laura Hughes
* Florence/Sawyer Barrett
* Belril Strifelaughter (completed D&D session), Ravae 'Ira' Lorastine (unfinished D&D session)
* Makoto Kameyama
* Heartland: Ciarra Accardi, Dante Accardi, Rhett
* [=FTL RP=]: Ru
* Pokemon, It's Our Destiny: Kiarra 'Kira' Trivono, Claire (Clairvoyance), Mist (Mystery), Ree (Reunite), Reso (Resonate), Sawyer, Penny Trivono, Rhett
* Private zombie RP: Riley
* Pokémon Forum: Ralts, Dallas
* Black Lagoon: Different Lagoon - Krista Carson
* Harvest Moon: Lily of the Valley - Alex Garnet
* Life in a Library: Shawn Burnham