Amusingly, Dioschorium found TVTropes by accident while reading a post on a Livejournal community. TVTropes now shares the ultimately insignificant honor of being Dioschorium's favorite Web site with the aforementioned

Diosch is somewhat alienated from fandom because of its lack of interest in live-action television shows, with the dual exceptions of ''Mystery Science Theater 3000'' and ''{{Blackadder}}''. Thus, it has very little knowledge of what seems to compose a large part of fandom: no ''Merlin'', no ''Sentinel'', no ''Due South'', no ''StarTrek'', no ''DoctorWho'', no ''Glee'', no ''ArrestedDevelopment'', no ''{{Smallville}}'', no ''HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys'', no ''XenaWarriorPrincess'', no ''X-Files'', no ''Queer As Folk'', no ''L Word'', no ''Firefly'', no ''Dollhouse'', no ''Lost'', no ''House'', no ''Scrubs'', no ''{{Heroes}}'', no ''{{Supernatural}}'', and no ''Flight of the Conchords''. It repeats: ''MST3K'' and ''{{Blackadder}}'' are the '''only''' live-action TV shows that interest this troper. In other words, Diosch does not read any live-action television examples on trope pages. This isn't because of HypeAversion. Diosch simply has yet to be captivated by any other live-action TV show.

Similarly, Diosch '''does''' watch some anime and read some manga, but is usually unfamiliar with the most recent or popular productions. Consequently, it has very little understanding of ''DeathNote'', ''{{Bleach}}'', and the various ''Gundam'' series, among others.

However, it is inordinately fond of SpeculativeFiction, usually finding the genre vastly more intriguing than non-genre fiction, though there are exceptions (''Show Boat'', for instance). Recently, it has renewed its interest in fantasy and begun a newfound love of comic books, thanks to ''{{Watchmen}}'' and the documentary ''In Search of Steve Ditko''. Moreover, Diosch has been a fan of the horror genre since childhood.

Other tropes that describe it include:
* AngstWhatAngst: Diosch takes this approach to its life (usually). Wallowing in self-pity only prolongs the misery.
* AnimationAgeGhetto: Thoroughly averted. Animation is its favorite storytelling medium next to literature.
* [[{{Asexuality}} Asexual]]--and [[{{Transsexual}} genderless]], too, as if you couldn't tell.
* BadassBookworm: Its attempts at becoming one of these failed; it is now content simply being a bookworm.
* CargoShip: It once wrote a passionate ode to its book collection, comparing itself to King Solomon.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}
* CovertPervert: In high school, but no longer. Pornography holds little to no appeal for Diosch by now, and Diosch has always despised FanService anyway.
* {{Goth}}
* GuiltyPleasures: Also averted, in the sense that Diosch does not regard anything it enjoys this way (even ''[[SaloOrThe120DaysOfSodom Salo]]''). Pleasure should never be guilty.
* InsistentTerminology: It is a '''person''', not a gendered form of address.
* IntergenerationalFriendship: It used to be part of one of these, but then the other half of the friendship [[spoiler:killed himself]].
* {{Nerd}}
* NightmareFetishist, in a bit of unintentional self-promotion

Off the top of its head, it has made edits to the following pages:
* AuthorAppeal
* EstrogenBrigade
* FetishFuel
* ForDoomTheBellTolls
* {{Goosebumps}}
* HPLovecraft (It wrote most of the trope list on that page.)
* HumanResources
* IWillWaitForYou
* IronicNurseryTune
* NightmareFuel
* PerverseSexualLust
* ThePuppetMasters
* SoBadItsHorrible
* StarControl
* TearJerker

Responsible for:
* GoryDeadlyOverkillTitleOfFatalDeath
* NightmareFetishist (which it also launched)
* ReligiousHorror
* TouchOfTheMonster

Favorite works of fiction:
* the HPLovecraft canon
* ''AliceInWonderland'' (the Lewis Carroll duology as well as the Disney movie)
* ''{{Watchmen}}''
* ''StarControl II''
* ''{{Spider-Man}}'' (the 1960s comics, but it also likes the movies and the animated series, when not taking them seriously)
* ''{{Slayers}}''
* ''AllDogsGoToHeaven''
* ''{{Freakazoid}}''
* ''MysteryScienceTheater3000''
* ''InTheMouthOfMadness''
* Alan Dean Foster's ''Glory Lane''
* ''JohnCarterOfMars''
* the films of HayaoMiyazaki
* some of the works of Arthur Machen (''The Great God Pan'', "The White People")
* Robert J. Sawyer's ''Calculating God''
* ''HsuAndChan''
* ''AClockworkOrange''
* ''The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari''
* ''The Red Shoes'' (the 1948 movie)
* ''StarlightExpress''
* ''TimeSquad''
* ''StarWars''