Basic stats: Male, 21 years old, college student studying psychology, living in Lexington, KY.
Basic personality: {{Neutral Good}} to a strong degree. Differs depending on situation, but overly shy until the ice is broken, unique (not necesarily in good ways), incredibly dorky, mostly easy going, and more along that route. If the opinions of others are to be believed...I'm a bit hard on myself, apparantly need to be more selfish, and other things in that light.
Hobbies/ativites/skills/basic reasons I love this wiki: Avid gamer (PC, system (Long time Nintendo fan, but current gen is 360) and tabletop (DnD 3.5) style), fan of far too many different games (mostly RPGs...anything with a good story, really) and as many--if not more--series of books (may come as no surprise--mostly sci-fi and fantasy). Occasional writer, though I've not done it in a while and am out of practice. As to what I write: poetry mostly (freeform lately, structured (although messed up structure) in the old days), fooled around with a script once, some novels, my webcomic (of which I still need an artist, blast!), and waaaay long ago RPing. Excellent listener, grand ability to understand problems, and pretty decent advice--or so I'm told.

Erm, I seriously doubt anyone would ever find themselves here, nor would they care, but just for the hell of it...making new friends is always a plus, so, AIM is emeraldwar13 (and therefore email is such, you can find me on Facebook with my name (see {{WhatAreTheContributorsRealNames?}}), oooor....well, yeah, I don't actually expect that to ever turn up anything...but if so, just say where you heard about me from...and who knows?! {{RealLife}} is weird like that.

Will make this a lot more nifty once I get some time, a laptop that doesn't suck (this one will end its days in EXPLOSIONS), and a bit more skill around editing this place...