A twenty-one year old Texan who thinks in tropes, especially the sliding scales. After growing up in the middle of nowhere in Missouri, @/DealsWithFate3 hopped onto a train headed for Dallas and tried to find opportunity in the Metroplex. Currently enrolled at a university in northern Texas.

[[folder:Tropes That Apply To Me]]
* ActionGirlfriend
* {{Adorkable}} It's plausible.
* AmazonChaser
* TheAntiNihilist
* {{Asexuality}} Formerly.
* BiTheWay
* BrilliantButLazy
* BrainsAndBondage
* CakeEater
* ChefOfIron
* ChivalrousPervert A defining trait.
* FourPhilosophyEnsemble The Optimist --> The Conflicted --> The Apathetic --> The Cynic --> The Realist
* GiveGeeksAChance Subverted. While my girlfriend is gorgeous, she is just as much a geek and nerd as I am.
* HadToBeSharp I "escaped" from one of the poorest counties in the United States--with one of the highest concentrations per capita of Methamphetamine use and production, in a town with a depressed economy and a backwards and collapsing infrastructure and a rural school system, when I lived in a home where I was the main source of income (which often required working two jobs AND attending school AND extracurriculars) since my parents split when I was fifteen. I earned enough to buy a one-way train ticket out of there by working in factory producing mufflers and exhaust pipes--where temperatures could reach 130 Fahrenheit. Then, in Texas, I had to find employment during The Great Recession in a town over-saturated with unskilled labor when I arrived after the hiring drives. All during a first semester of college where my financial aid came in months late. I have lived on a jar of peanut butter.
* TheLancer My preferred role.
* MustHaveCaffeine
* PermaStubble
* PingPongNaivete
* SeenItAll
* TheSmartGuy when I'm not putting up a veil of ObfuscatingStupidity.
* SophisticatedAsHell
* [[StrangeGirl Strange Boy]]
* SupernaturalGoldEyes