I'm mostly here when I'm at work because I have a well paying job that requires about two hours of actual work in comparison to the eight hours I sit here at this desk. I watch Netflix at home and if there isn't a page for whatever I watched, I try to add it in. I play a good deal of video games, across all genres; the only ones I don't play are Sports games and Racing.

Created about a half dozen pages by now. Edited about a hundred more to add more tropes etc.

Either way if you've found your way to this page, you probably made a mistake, don't worry the back button is right up there by your address bar.

If for some bizarre reason you need to talk to me, or you're just looking for a new Xbox/steam friend my info is below.

[=SteamID=]: [=KainDeLuman=] (shortens to just [=DeLuman=])

AIM: [=DeLuman=]

Xbox Live ID: [=DeLumen=]

This Troper shows examples of:

* [[GoodIsNotNice Lawful Good Is Not Lawful Nice]]