I'm an Autistic 21 year old CT guy who loves {{Anime}} and {{Manga}} like {{Digimon}}, PrettyCure, MahouSenseiNegima, and FairyTail. I also like shows similar to PowerRangers and {{Godzilla}}

I've started the UltraSeries page, the DigimonXrosWars page, adding that season to the CharacterSheet section of {{Digimon}}, created the MetalFightBeyblade page and its character sheet (Both need other contributes besides me). LonelyGirl15 character sheet was also started by me. Also was the catalysis for adding all those pictures with funny captions in the Godzilla character sheet section and am slowly adding pictures minus captions to the Digimon character sheet section. I also created the SalamCafe page.