Welcome! You've reached the [[BlatantLies glorious user page of Dasher08]]! Sadly this page fails to live up to its so-called "glorious" status, because Dasher08 is too [[BrilliantButLazy lazy]] to actually work on it.

!!This Troper exhibits the following Tropes:

* BeyondtheImpossible: Has claimed more than once that he is "to tired to sleep".
* BrilliantbutLazy
* MindScrew: What he believes the world is sometimes. At least when it comes to social situations.
* TalkingtoHimself: Not the exact trope's definition, but does actually talk to himself quite frequently. [[FunnySchizophrenia Almost to the point where he considers himself two people.]]
* TheQuietOne: [[SubvertedTrope Subverted.]] Is this in public. When he is alone, however, he talks nonstop.
* TheUrkel
* TheyChangedItNowItSucks: How he feels about certain aspects of TvTropes.

Obviously NeedsABetterDescription and will work on it at a later date, provided there will be no...interruptions