''"Beware of occasional bad attitude."''

Darkton, otherwise known as Darkton93 where just Darkton is taken, is a Fanfic writer with AspergerSyndrome and [[HairTriggerTemper serious attitude issues]]. Ironically, hardly anything a work can do enrages him. It's the reactions to that that're the problem.

Mostly, Darkton is content to write Playing With articles, feeling that every other trope has already been covered and all that's left to do is come up with variations.

He's currently working on a series of CodenameKidsNextDoor fanfics. They have no set schedule.

!!Tropes applying to Darkton include...

* AspergerSyndrome: Oh my, yes. Kinda Downplayed in that his writing quality has been said to be quite good by others, unlike [[SoniChu certain other writers with autism]].
* BerserkButton: Hating on autism. Whining. TakeThat jokes. [[DoubleStandard Double Standards]]. [[EagleLand Hating on America]]. [[StrawCharacter Hating on conservatives and republicans]]. The things to set him off are many and unsubtle.
** He really seems to have something against MegaMan. He wants it to die so that the fans can [[WellIntentionedExtremist "understand what whining gets them."]]
*** Actually, it's more complex than that. He views Megaman fans as being completely incapable of feeling joy. He himself likes Megaman, but he views the fans as even worse than the Sonic fanbase. He says he's trying, really, just that "you guys are making it VERY. HARD."
*** He's acknowledged, however, that they're "getting better" as of the release of StreetFighterxMegaMan.
*** ...and he's retracted that with the release of the 25th Anniversary Pack.
** Hating on fans is another big one. He uses the phrases "DISSENTING OPINIONS NOT WELCOME" or "EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO ''MY'' OPINION" when this crops up.
* CatchPhrase: Several.
** "[[TakeThat (X) sucks.]] Get it? [[DontExplainTheJoke It's funny because it's a true fact,]] [[FanHater and if you disagree you are not only wrong but deserve to be burnt at the stake.]]" Usually in response to TakeThat jokes.
** The above has simply been replaced by [[DudeNotFunny "That's not funny."]] This is because he realized he [[OverusedRunningGag used the former too much.]]
** "[[NeverHeardThatOneBefore Overused joke, old joke, let's hear something new.]]" Similar situations to the above, except he usually agrees with the person.
** "Beware of occasional bad attitude." His most common signature.
** "[Controversial matter, such as Megaman not getting an anniversary or the Nostalgia Critic throwing in the towel.] To which I say... [link to a video of [[DragonBall Vegeta]] laughing maniacally]" His usual response to stuff that he considers good news but most consider bad.
** "Hello, Megaman whiner!" His reaction to any Megaman fan. Usually followed by a rebuttal.
* [[ChivalrousPervert Chivalrous]] [[LoliCon Lolicon]]: He thinks young girls are cute in all manner of undress, but he doesn't advocate pornography and prefers drawn children with private parts [[SceneryCensor hidden]] or [[BarbieDollAnatomy invisible.]]
* FanHater: Downplayed. He won't fault you if you like something. He just hates you if you're a [[FanDumb fan]] of something.
** Case in point, Megaman. He's willing to acknowledge when Megaman fans are nice. He just hates the majority of them for being "completely incapable of feeling joy".
* OriginalFlavor: Very stern about this when it applies to fanfics, believing they should read like an episode, for better or worse.
* OutOfFocus: Believes this way about MegaMan, compared to [[StreetFighter Ryu]], who he believes has [[AscendedExtra become Capcom's new mascot]].
* SelfDeprecation: Consider that this article is almost entirely negative. Also consider that most of it was written by him. Indeed, he seems to have no problem realizing when he's shot his own mouth off.
* SingleIssueWonk: Get him started on the MegaMan fanbase. There will be accusations of whining and "being incapable of feeling joy".
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: The official subtitles are his most commonly used terms for Anime characters. [[AvertedTrope Don't expect him to]] [[GannonBanned hate you for using the wrong term]], though.
* TeamSwitzerland: Mostly neutral on controversial matters. In fact, the thing he hates most is not the decision itself, but the [[InternetBackdraft reaction]] to the decision.
* YouKeepUsingThatWord: FanBoy, to refer to an irrational fan (of which he thinks there's a lot of). In contrast, he uses FanGirl to refer to someone who's obsessed with a particular Character.
** "Whining" seems to be common to him. However, what he deems as whining is usually more like [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E19ADogAndPonyShow complaining]].

!!Notable works by Darkton include...

* Fanfic/DarkStudiosKidsNextDoor (A series of fanfics revolving around a virtual season of the KND set after ZERO but before Season 6.)

[[DragonBall Goku]]: [[DoomRepercussionsOfEvil "No! I must kill the Saiyans!"]]

[[KnightOfCerebus Raditz]]: [[WhamLine "No Goku, you are the Saiyans!"]]

[[AndThenJohnWasAZombie And then Goku was an alien.]]