''Lurker since:'' Autumn 2007.\\
''I came here because:'' {{Tropers/Romanticide}} showed me the site, and I found it entertaining.\\
''Tropes proposed and launched:'' IDoNotSpeakNonverbal, WatchItForTheMeme.\\
''Other launches:'' NonindicativeName.\\
''So why Coyotic Evil?:'' It rhymes with ''chaotic'', and I like Wile E. Coyote.\\
''How evil?:'' I'm a cat person, so while I'm usually ''Indifferent To The Dog'', I won't hesitate to [[KickTheDog kick it]] or [[ShootTheDog shoot it]] if [[TheDogShotFirst needed]]. Hostile barks are certainly one of my {{Berserk Button}}s.

I'll start the vandalizing process of this page the only way I can... by yelling COYOTE! - {{Tropers/daltar}}

BarrierMaiden--the fact that you would never change your avatar was part of FastEddie's ritual to stop the last attack by the DataVampires. Now that you have changed it, we are sure to fall! -{{Tropers/Haven}} [[supersecretspoiler:Though it's a really cool new avatar.]]

You are a MAN! -punch- - {{Tropers/Epitome}}

Something has found its way into this page... Something different. ~ {{Tropers/L3wt}}

You and TheJackal really need to form that vigilante team. --{{Tropers/OuttaTheBLAM}}

The faeries commend you on the creativity of your handle: they too like Wile E. Coyote. They also like your avatar. - [[@/{{StolenByFaeries}} a faerie]]

I just hope you don't have problems wit ACME. - @/AmusedTroperGuy

LawfulEvil rules! LawfulEvil rules! [[TheSimpsons In your face]], evil coyote! -- @/{{Belfagor}}