I stumbled onto this site one day, I forget exactly how, and one of the first pages I read was {{FLCL}}. That should tell you all you need to know about my name. Though another early one was XanatosGambit....Anyway, since then I have struggled mightly to prevent TVTropes from ruining my life, and in fact, I found [[TVtropesWillEnhanceYourLife the opposite to be true]]. I've learned so much about literary devices and story telling since coming to this site. Particularly vocabularly; it's easier to brainstorm now that I have quick references to character traits and plot elements.

Member of {{CHOPSTICKS}} and currently doing a wick clean up for YamatoNadeshiko. Also the self-proclaimed curator of BeyondTheImpossible and working on its clean up; I removed over six thousand old definition/misuse wicks before I finished. Now I'm on the look out for future misuse. I also do clean up on XanatosGambit and brought it down to the 800s while spreading ThePlan. Yeah, I've got a lot on my plate.

My Activities
* Wrote the redefintion of BeyondTheImpossible: 'breaking internal logic'
** Created its Playing With page
** {{Trope Transplant}}ed its original definition to SerialEscalation
** Cleaned up its wick list and currently monitoring it
* Cleaned up XanatosGambit (one of many dedicated tropers)
* Spotchecking YamatoNadeshiko
* Created a Character Sheet for DaphneInTheBrilliantBlue
* Spreading WikiMagic on
** SilkHidingSteel
** AllWitchesHaveCats
** OpposedMentors.
* Created a Work page for the following
** Anime/{{Windaria}}
** Literature/PrincessBen
** WesternAnimation/TheCorsicanBrothers
** Literature/TheShadowOfBlackWings
** Literature/TrappedOnDraconica
** Literature/LightAndDarkTheAwakeningOfTheMageKnight
** Literature/JourneyToChaos
** Literature/AMagesPower
** Literature/LoomingShadow
* Launched TheFace