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[[folder:About me]]
A bit on who I am then: I came here a while ago (I have no idea when exactly, it's been quite some time), though I am pretty sure it was via a link from IrregularWebcomic. I started reading, [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife got hooked]] and for a long time, I just lurked. Then at some point, I got myself a username [[OldShame to contribute to Troper Tales]]. At some point I discovered the forums and now I am properly addicted.

...You didn't expect me to tell who I ''really'' am did you?

The "Catfish" part is from a movie quote, and I've been using it as an online username for a while.
The 42 is simply the ArcNumber of the {{Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy}} series (of which I`m a bit of a fan).

I have just about no talent for story writing and my drawing skills are mediocre on anything but cars, boats or aeroplanes.

So nothing here.

[[folder:Trope list]]

A little list of tropes that [[strike: apply to me]] somehow have come in contact with me:

* BerserkButton: Here and there, this and that.
* BlackComedy: I like it.
* BlatantLies: Frequently.
* CannotStandThemCannotLiveWithoutThem: Many people.
* CharacterTics: Rolling my eyes, mainly.
* DeadpanSnarker: Not as good as some other people but I do have my moments.
* DidNotDoTheResearch: Rather irritating if I know better.
* HeadphonesEqualIsolation: Useful.
* OutOfCharacterMoment: Sometimes I am ''nice'' and ''helpful''. *shudder*
* RidiculousProcrastinator: I read the "leave a 10000 word paper until the night before it's due" and thought "that's me!".
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Caramel-filled chocolate. And Lasagna (yes, capital letter).
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have To Be Spiders?]]

Additionally, there's [[ that game]] where I've been accused of the following:
!!From "Tropefy":
* TheAce - Oh, I'd love that...
* AcePilot - About time I got that one! ...erham, yeah. Thanks.
* ANicePerson - That'd be, er... [[IncrediblyLamePun cool...]]
* {{Adorkable}} - ...well, thanks.
* AntiHero - Probably right...
* AwesomenessByAnalysis - Every now and then.
* {{Badass}} - Er...thanks I guess.
* BadassNormal - Oh yeah, I like that. Much better than superpowers.
* BloodKnight - ...[[FlatWhat what.]]
* CargoShip - Potholed from "Ship Lover". Er...''yeah''....
* CarryABigStick - As it was potholed from my title, ''Carrier Diplomacy'', I'd guess it refers to the quote by [[TheodoreRoosevelt good ol' Teddy]].
* ChaoticGood - When I'm in a good mood.
* ChuckYeager - I can only wish so...
* ColdSniper - My preferred video game tactic in fact.
* CoolPlane - My avatars, yes. And it ''does'' get a little old...
* CoolShip - I guess my hand-drawn aircraft design ''does'' look a bit spacey... or is it because of the carrier I had?
* DeadpanSnarker - Oh, I do hope so.
* [[DistractedByTheSexy Distracted By The Boat]]- Well, tha- '''BOAT!!''' Aww, ''niiice!''
* FISHOutOfWater - The name...?
* GeniusBruiser - Maybe not "genius", but...
* GenreSavvy - Yep. Or at least I hope so.
* [[NostalgiaFilter The Good Old Days]] - I like old cars and planes, so... yeah.
* TheHeart - Possibly.
* JerkassFacade - If that's what you think, I don't want to shatter your beliefs...
* TheKnightsWhoSaySquee - I'd bet.
* TheLancer - Said [[{{@/Flanker66}} Flanky]], calling himself TheHero in the process. Fine with me.
* LawfulGood - You wish.
* TheMario - Yep. Also my preferred character/unit type in video games.
* MinoredInAsskicking - Yeeeah.
* MixAndMatchCritters - The name? Actually I just heard the word and thought it sounded cool...
* MoreDakka - Yeah. Short, controlled bursts is nice and good, but sometimes, that just doesn't cut it.
* NobleDemon - Ah, you got me there...
* PungeonMaster - ...when I feel like it. And when the puns aren't ''too'' horrible.
* ShownTheirWork - I'm doing my best to keep it up.
* TheSmartGuy - Reasonably smart, yes.
* StylisticSuck - On the self-drawn avatars. I'll take it as a compliment.
* SquishyWizard - Maybe..?
* TheStraightMan - Usually.
* SweetTooth - Mhmhmh...chocolate...caramel filling...
* {{Troperiffic}} - Yep, quite the list here...
* WideEyedIdealist - Er...not so much.
* White Knight (KnightInShiningArmor) - Ahhh,.... rather not.
* TheWoobie - Sometimes, I guess. Somehow, I try to hide it though...

If you are bored or want to tell me something, please, do so, there's enough space:

I've found another aviation enthusiast! Air trio! YEAH! -- {{Tropers/Flanker 66}}
* Some more and we got a squadron... -- {{Tropers/Catfish42}}

Planes and HG? Good taste. Oh, and I call AWACS! ~ Tropers/HungryJoe
ADDENDUM: The two adds on your page after I saved that were for the Mormons, and an all guys
dating service. Just saying.
* Huh, that's pretty weird. Anyway, thanks for coming here and bothering to write something. -- {{Tropers/Catfish42}}

I don't think I would mind meeting you, you seem swell. -- {{Tropers/Arcolops}}
* Thank you very much. I take that as a great compliment, coming from the resident provider of sarcasm. -- {{Tropers/Catfish42}}

...Is it wrong that looking at your handle makes me hungry? :/ - {{Tropers/Keybreak}}
* Well, er...I guess not...thanks for coming here anyway...{{Tropers/Catfish42}}

FIFTH! Also, thanks for approving Operation: [[GotVolunteered Volunteer]](I'll get around to it sometime). --{{Tropers/Artemis92}}
* "Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, don't be late..." er, sorry, just came to my mind. Thanks for the vandalisation anyway. {{Tropers/Catfish42}}
** Vandal''[[GrammarNazi ism]].'' Wait a minute, it seems Office Word thinks vandalization ''is'' a word. Go figure. Also: Hey, {{Nirvana}}! Cool. --Tropers/{{Artemis92}}

* Would you rather eat a dead skunk or a human eyeball? - {{Tropers/Wellinever}}
** What. ...well, if I could have gravy with the skunk... {{Tropers/Catfish42}}
*** Mmm mmm. Delicious skunk gravy. - {{Tropers/Wellinever}}

* Thanks for quoting me in your signature, Catfish! - Tropers/MadeOfAxes
** Thanks to you for providing my favourite signature so far.@/{{Catfish42}}

* [[DramaticEllipses ...]];...;[[RuleOfThree ...]]. -gives Catfish a bag of popcorn-
** Thank you! -omnomnomnom- ...tasty. @/{{Catfish42}}

* Godot Was Here

* [=*=]unrolls scroll* ... well, you did tell us to [[spoiler:[[AWorldwidePunomenon scroll down]]]], after all. --@/{{sgrunt}}
** Oh, you... well, thanks for the vandalism. @/{{Catfish42}}

* Would love to join up on that squadron as a fellow airpower enthusiast (though be warned, if it ever comes down to a contest between air- and seapower...) Salute! --@/SabresEdge
** -salutes- You're in, mate, glad to have you with us. Also, carriers forever! @/{{Catfish42}}

* You know what [[FetishFuel vore]] ''is''? (from guess who)
** Trust me, I know ''everything.'' @/{{Catfish42}}.

* Everyone is quotable in his own right... right? - @/AmusedTroperGuy
** Well yeah, guess so. @/{{Catfish42}}

* I demand cake and mountain dew. - @/{{Tehpillowstar}}

* Don't sweat it too much Catfish42! I'm not that spunky on drawing either! If I was, I'd likely have tried some sort of comic myself. [[Tropers/NESgamer190 NES]]

* Ding dong. Delivery for the Catfish. -- @/{{Boxen}}