A troper relatively sane and rather less versed in terms of media quantity. A Troper in Malaysia who is having trouble between work timespans and acquiring notable / noteworthy media to get a kick from. Constantly known for heavy affection for [[{{Hermaphrodite}} futanari]], which is mostly NSFW. May or may not be a RealLife [[TheWoobie woobie]]

!!The graffiti corner

-Hangaosdjfasdfasp-wha? Um sooo... How ya doin?- @/{{eternal Noob}}

You like futanari. Therefore, you are awesome.- @/EnemyMayan

So, how was [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=khm0fdto843mn37yx2uanhae&page=11474#286829 that sandwich]]? xD -@/ThatOneGuyNamedX

Futanari lover's high five! @/{{Adannor}}

''[[AltumVidetur Lacrimosa dies illa\\
Qua resurget ex favilla]]'' - the ''[[@/{{desdendelle}} Soulhaven]]''