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I been around TVTropes for a while now, [[TvTropesWillRuinYourLife a long while.]] But I didn't make myself known until Mid-August 2009. [[SugarWiki/TVTropesWillEnhanceYourLife This is a great wiki!]]

I'm mostly a big fan of VideoGames, {{Anime}}, and WesternAnimation, along with the many VoiceActors, American, Japanese, and others, that go with them. I also like certain {{Film}}s, LiveActionTV, ComicBooks, and WebComics.

Speaking of VideoGames, I run a YouTube channel containing all sorts of different playthroughs of games I've enjoyed in my life, including the games for pages I've contributed to, below. I even created a few of my own songs inspired by different video game tracks I've enjoy, and they're all themed after the soundfont of the Useful/SegaGenesis, my very first video game console.

Check out my channel [[ here]] and subscribe to me if you like it.

6/1/16 UPDATE: I haven't updated this page since November 2011. This page needed a huge cleanup, and I finally gave it one!

!!My Notable Contributions:

[[ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability Well, at least to me, anyway.]]

* ''SonicTheHedgehog'': Added and edited tropes.
** ''SonicGenerations'': Added and edited tropes.
*** [[{{WMG/Sonic Generations}} WMG/Sonic Generations]]: Added one guess and multiple responses, throughout.
*** [[{{YMMV/SonicGenerations}} YMMV/Sonic Generations]]: Edited tropes.
* ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'': Edited tropes.
** [[{{YMMV/AzumangaDaioh}} YMMV/Azumanga Daioh]]: Created and moved associated appropriate tropes to.
** [[{{Trivia/AzumangaDaioh}} Trivia/AzumangaDaioh]]: Created this page, too.
* [[{{Characters/MusashiSamuraiLegend}} Characters/Musashi Samurai Legend]]: I didn't create this, but I'm the biggest contributor to a lot of editing and adding. I'm also helping with some images to show off how TetsuyaNomura's current [[{{Anime}} designs]] in ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'' spreads to other works. He did not disappoint me with these characters.
* [[{{Characters/Kirby}} Characters/Kirby]]: I picked up on what I've done with the above CharacterSheet and added some character images for this one, too. Right now it was just for Meta Knight and King Dedede, but others have been added since.
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: Added more examples.
* {{Nintendo}}: Added tropes to which the page originally lacked entirely.
* {{Sega}}: See Nintendo.
* {{Capcom}}: See Sega.
* {{Konami}}: See Capcom.
* SquareEnix: [[RunningGag See Konami]].
* [[TwoPointFiveD 2½D]]: Added and edited examples.
* SugarWiki/MostTriumphantExample: Several additions throughout the different sections.
* MotionBlur: Contributed to getting it properly advertised and added the first few examples.
* ''Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt'': Added and edited tropes. It was once one of the LockedPages due to the controversy it stirred up, but not anymore now that the hype died down and also possibly due to its namespace change.
* ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants'': Added and edited tropes.
** [[{{YMMV/SpongeBob SquarePants}} YMMV/SpongeBob Square Pants]]: Created and moved its associated tropes to.
* ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'': Added and edited tropes.
** [[{{Characters/SuperSmashBros}} Characters/Super Smash Bros]]: Edited tropes.
** [[{{YMMV/SuperSmashBros}} YMMV/Super Smash Bros]]: Edited tropes.
* ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom3'': Added and edited tropes.
** [[{{Characters/MarvelVsCapcom3}} Characters/Marvel Vs. Capcom 3]]: Added and edited tropes.
* DreamworksFace: Contributed to the trope image when it was just launched, which was fixed and revised by someone else, later on.
* ''IceClimber'': Added tropes and elaborations to a couple of them.
* [[{{Haiku/Bayonetta}} Haiku/Bayonetta]]: Added the PrecisionFStrike-laden haiku. Seriously, just don't. [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Especially after that 1.1.6 patch...]]
* ''VideoGame/MegaManLegends'': Indirectly, because since ''[[OrphanedSeries Legends 3]]'' is now [[DevelopmentHell cancelled]], I made sure the word gets around on this, including but not limited to the RuinedFOREVER and {{DarthWiki/Fallen Creator}} pages. {{Capcom}} was going through its own [[InternetBackdraft hell]], [[InternetCounterattack back then]], but now it seems to have lapsed.
* [[{{Laconic/SegaGenesis}} Laconic/Sega Genesis]]: Made the page.
* ''{{Phalanx}}'': Added more info on the its CoversAlwaysLie entry, which I can interpret as my own LampshadeHanging on the game's Japanese boxart design and how part of it [[FreudWasRight links]] to its name. That line is gone now, however, probably for feeling shoehorned in.
* ''VideoGame/SpinJam'': Contributed quite a lot to this page.
* ''VideoGame/TeamBuddies'': Same as ''VideoGame/SpinJam'', but even more so than that game.
* ''VideoGame/{{Skullgirls}}'': Added and edited some tropes.
* ''VideoGame/SenranKagura'': Added and edited some tropes, probably a bit more than the above for a while.
* ''VideoGame/SonicExe'': Contributed to added info relating to its Sonic 1 GameMod ''[[BlatantLies An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack]]''.
* WebVideo/MarioTehPlumber: Contributed a lot to this page regarding Mariotehplumber's constant shaming of pretty much anything [[NostalgiaFilter modern]] or [[AllAnimeIsNaughtyTentacles female]].

!!Launched Tropes and Works:
* OxygenatedUnderwaterBubbles: A trope that definitely should be able to exist, based on proof of its presence in different VideoGames, especially the ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' games. I also created its [[Laconic/OxygenatedUnderwaterBubbles Laconic page.]]
* ThatsNotVeryNice: A scrapped trope for being one of the many StockPhrases.
* ''VideoGame/KirbysReturnToDreamLand'': Responsible for creating the page as ''KirbyWii'' and renaming its title for ThisVeryWiki after it was revealed as ''Kirby Returns to Dream Land'', then got a bit help in the third and most recent change by which it's actually "Kirby's Return to Dream Land''.
** [[{{YMMV/KirbysReturnToDreamLand}} YMMV/Kirby's Return to Dream Land]]
** [[ The Kirby Returns To Dreamland Discussion Page]]
* [[{{DrinkingGame/Mother3}} Drinking Game/Mother 3]]: Started the page, all from scratch. Quite cleverly, really.
* SinglePluralTitle: Scrapped, as it can already be used as a OneWordTitle.
* ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehogMegamix'': Created nearly all of its info for both its main page and its YMMV, out of respect of it being my favorite ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' GameMod of all time.
* Creator/FoxEye: Created its main page, YMMV page, and Trivia page all from scratch. I also made, or had a massive contribution to, some of its games' own pages:
** ''VideoGame/{{Holdover}}'': I didn't create it, but upon encountering the page and subsequently the game itself, I gave it a ''massive'' much-needed update on things that weren't already covered by its inception. I also added its page image and [[{{Expy}} a fun little caption]] to go with it.
*** [[Heartwarming/{{Holdover}} Heartwarming/Holdover]]: I did make this page, however.
*** [[YMMV/{{Holdover}} YMMV/Holdover]]: I made this one, too.
** ''VideoGame/AquaCube'': Completely made this one from scratch, as well as its YMMV page. Still need to find an appropriate image for it, though.
** ''VideoGame/HadesVanquish'': Same as ''Aqua Cube''. Also has a page image and caption.
** ''VideoGame/BlueGuardianMargaret'': Same as ''Hades Vanquish'', plus its NightmareFuel page, and by a much bigger margin for its main page, too. I've noticed on its [[ Related Pages]] section that over ''3 thousand'' people are learning about this game just from its main page on here ''alone''. None of the other Fox Eye-related pages have gotten even close to that many hits, so I'm still here, sitting and wondering: ''[[OhCrap "...Where the hell did they all come from?"]]''. Not bad at all for an extremely niche {{Metroidvania}}.
** ''VideoGame/SacrificeGirl'': Just like with ''Holdover'', I didn't make this page, first. Someone else did, and it was likely due to my initial call for help that I thought I needed working on the above game's pages. The most I've done with this page so far is make its Trivia section, and add a main page image and a caption to go with it, but I feel like I should replace the image so that it actually shows its main character like the other Fox Eye pages do.
** With all of the hard work I contributed to the pages of this DoujinSoft {{Fetish}} developer and some of its games, I consider all of my work on Fox Eye-related content on TV Tropes to possibly be my MagnumOpus of all of the contributions I made to both creator pages and work pages on ThisVeryWiki. [[GuiltyPleasure Yes, yes. I know I might have some explaining to do with all of this,]] because damn, even I'm still surprised about how much I put into ''these'' games' pages...

Still in progress...