[[caption-width:75:Don't ask what this is. It doesn't want people to know.]]

Hey, I'm just your [[OrIsIt friendly]] neighbourhood [[AnarchyIsChaos libertarian]] [[DirtyCommies socialist]] and [[LandDownUnder Australi]][[GratuitousGerman ener]], that now goes under Jimbobbowilly. Name is actually [[WhatAreTheContributorsRealNames Max William Gore]], for those wondering. I have a [[ Twitter]].

I started the YKTTW for [[{{Ptitley8ejcxcd}} all lowercase letters]] and I'm the resident EntryPimp for {{Efterklang}}, otherwise I'm mostly a forum person.

I am not a troll nor am I bipolar. Just a stupid teenager.

My mission statement is this: Kill {{natter}}, kill {{egregious}} orthographical/syntax errors and mojibake, trope responsibly.
!!I provide examples of:
* ActualPacifist - All of the violence I've committed in the past was completely stupid, in retrospect. I'm not going to do that anymore [[{{Conscription}} (and in a liberal democracy, I should have that respected)]].
* {{Geek}} and/or {{Nerd}}
* [[{{GIRL}} Guy That Generally Uses Pictures Of Girls In My Avatar.]] - I also used an avatar of AlanRickman with the caption "[[ Alan Rickman is Hot]]", which happens to have the same implications. That, and homosexuality. [[NotThatTheresAnythingWrongWithThat Not that there's anything wrong with that]].
* JerkAss After the sarcastic comments regarding a gang-raped girl that treated the issue as "It happens to other girls therefore this one deserves NO SYMPATHY WHATEVER", JerkAss bordering on sociopath. ~IP address
** Mmm, yeah. I apologized for that then and I'll apologize now. I didn't know what I was thinking, if I did I'd continue to back up the self-righteous bullshit I committed there (It was hypocritical, too. I'd act the same as you would if one of my sisters got raped, especially if she got raped like that). Thanks for not abusing the {{troll}} card.
* {{Splitter}}


That's a leetle rough, don'chu theenk? ~Tropers/{{Charlatan}}

* [[SarcasmMode QQ noob! >:D]]

German troper to the rescue! [[GrammarNazi The correct term]] for "Australians" would be "Australier". ''AndKnowingIsHalfTheBattle!'' ~[[SpellMyNameWithAThe Der]] @/{{Grobi}} [[note]] Yes, I'm quite aware of the fact that I, as a german, should probably NOT pothole the term "GrammarNAZI". [[CrossingTheLineTwice Line crossing]], but hey: I ''didn't'' name that trope![[/note]]