Blossom Morphine is a scholar of the useless and trivial. She is {{Proud To Be A Geek}} and spends much of her time in an ArchiveBinge, quitely adding to various articles on various wikis, and is always happy to partake in a rousing debate or general chatter. Will probably be a AbsentMindedProfessor someday, if she doesn't end up an EvilOverlord.

She is a [[UnderStatement fan]] of StarTrek, [[TheWheelofTime The Wheel of Time]] series, Series/{{Heroes}}, and various science-fiction and fantasy series. Her passion is history and politics, and will lecture to (read: at) you for hours on end if you let her, her mind wandering from presidents to FireFly. And she will expect you to be able to remember and pick up the conversation a month, even a year later, but she will hardly remember to make dinner or what day it is.

She does not know where these rumors she is apart of a [[SecretOrganizationCravingIntelligentEnigmaticTropersYonder cabal]] comes from, but would like to assure you they are BlatantLies and [[MemeticMutation there is no cabal]].

Feel free to pm her, or leave a message at the bottom of the page.

!!Tropes that apply to Blossom

* BrainyBrunette
* CloudCuckooLander
* CovertPervert
* EvilLaugh: (She's known amongst friends for it)
* GenreSavvy: (But then who isn't here?)
* KinkMeme: (She's the mod of [[[ The Other Trek Kink Meme]], for StarTrekEnterprise, StarTrekDeepSpaceNine, StarTrekTheNextGeneration, and StarTrekVoyager.)
* KuuDere
* HeartSymbol: (Often signs off her messages with: <3 or ♥)
* MostFanficWritersAreGirls: ([[ Her master list, if you are interested]])
* MegaNekko
* NotAMorningPerson
* ProudToBeAGeek
* TrueNeutral
* TwoferTokenMinority: (Hispanic and atheist.)
* SerialTweaker: Although, she's getting better.
* YaoiFanGirl: (A few of her ships are het, but most are slash.)

!!Pages that Blossom has written up

* PanicAtTheDisco
* CobraStarship
* EmilyDickinson (Because it's Emily freaking Dickinson, people!)

!!Pages that Blossom created for
* RedDragon (a request made for separate article from SilenceOfTheLambs)
* The WMG pages for WMG/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine, WMG/StarTrekEnterprise (because that's where those theories should go)
* WMG/{{Zombies}} (HowDidWeMissThisOne?)

!!Pages that Blossom provided the page image

* CandlelitBath
* DayOfTheJackboot
* EliRoth
* FoeYay: FoeYay/ComicBooks and FoeYay/DoctorWho
* GoodWitchVersusBadWitch
* NuclearFamily
* [[Ptitles0j0al3c P!nk]]
* YouAreInCommandNow

!!Pages Blossom contributes to regularly

* HoYay
* FetishFuel
* FoeYay
* StarTrekDeepSpaceNine
* StarTrekTheNextGeneration

... perhaps FreudWasRight? :|

!!Please leave a name and message after the heading. *beep*


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