A Professional Computer {{Nerd}} (and {{Geek}} of many other interests--including the Battle of the Little Bighorn, hence his ''nom de wiki'') plying his amorphous trade for an institution of higher education which would rather he not publicly acknowledge its relationship with him. Now living in Memphis, TN ["Home of the Blues, Birthplace of Rock 'n Roll"], but until his dying breath a St. Louisan-in-Exile.

After what was probably an unconscionably long time hanging about this site merely correcting typos and adding the stray example, I broke down and added the following articles:
* ''Series/TheManFromUNCLE''
* ''Series/TheGirlFromUNCLE''
* ''TopGear'' (now, thanks to the WikiMagic, much improved over my initial entry; I'm pleasantly surprised to see the number of ''TopGear'' fans here)
* ''KolchakTheNightStalker''
* ''TheGreenHornet''