[[center: [[labelnote:☼:]]Hi, I'm Bella. I'm 20 and reside deep in the heart of Texas. I'm a sophomore in college and I really like cats. My favorite color is pink and I really like iced sweet tea. One of my favorite bands is Passion Pit and I'm addicted to Tumblr. I'm cool as shit, but I try to keep humble. Uhhh find me on Yack Fest a lot of the time. uhhh most of the time I'm not really serious like when i type w/o capitalization or punctuation and use lots of chatspeak im being silly and non-srs ya dig? But sometimes I can be a bit mean or dry or sarcastic so like, sorry idk. Most of the time I'm a real cool cat mmkay[[/labelnote]] ]]

[[folder: [[color:goldenrod: Vandals ★]] ]]
Comments or something. Oh, and have some cake. --@/{{sgrunt}}

* Hi! *gluddle* --@/{{sgrunt}}
** [[color:hotpink:Hi :3 /gluddles & cuddles]]

Hello there. I am pleased to meet you. You appear to be a fan of many things that I like. - @/LandOfGold
** [[color:hotpink:♥]]

WELCOME! Happy to see another Sailor Moon fan. :D {{@/blamspam}}
** [[color:hotpink:Yay!]]

Greetings, primitive carbon-based being! @/GameSpazzer
** [[color:hotpink:Greetings back~]]

As a former Neopian, I shall vandalize this page. {{@/Mst3kluv}}
** [[color:hotpink:I wonder what your username is/was. :)]]

Not gonna notice this till a month later, lol. Oh, TBS > MCR, def. :P {{@/Cutewithoutthe}}
** [[color:hotpink:It was actually about a week. And lies, MCR > TBS. ;D]]

The faeries were here. Your cats may be covered in flowers. - @/{{StolenByFaeries}}
** [[color:hotpink:Yay! Thank you :3]]

You commented on some of my friends pages, so I thought it fair to comment on yours. ^w^ -{{@/Tidal_Wave_17}}
** [[color:hotpink:Aww well thank you! You're so nice. :)]]

I don't get to call enough girls cute on this site...thanks for showing up. ;) - @/{{Keybreak}}
** [[color:hotpink:Well I am flattered. Thank you ;)]]

BEWARE MY GRAFFITI. - @/{{CalamityJane}}
** [[color:hotpink:OH NOES]]

Hi. ~ @/{{Radd}}
** [[color:hotpink:Hi :)]]

The faeies believe you require more vandalism. The floors may be slightly unstable now. - [[@/{{StolenByFaeries}} a faerie]]
** [[color:hotpink:Uh oh. D:]]

** [[color:hotpink:Yay?]]

Hello~ You like Breathe Carolina, too? And I already thought you were cool. :D - @/{{Compassionate Sadist}}
** [[color:hotpink:I love them! And aww, thank you. You're pretty cool too, of course.]]

Red does ballet too! :3 @/{{Red223}}
** [[color:hotpink:Adorable! You would :p]]

Hey Bellacide <3- @/MrW
** [[color:hotpink:Hey~ <3]]

Gasp! You like SailorMoon, YugiohTheAbridgedSeries, A Day To Remember, ''and'' Zelda? Awesome! :D -@/{{Nekoalexa}}
** [[color:hotpink:I do! ^_^ You're pretty awesome. :)]]

** [[color:hotpink::o]]

Thank you for being such a good friend, Erika. You're very awesome!! Oh, and i'd totally be hitting on you right now if I lived in [[strike:California]] Texas. :P -joking- ~Owen or {{@/Cutewithoutthe}}
** [[color:hotpink:xoxoxo]]

Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! You don't give yourself enough credit, and coming from me that's saying something. --@/{{goodtimesfreegrog}}
** [[color:hotpink:I... dont?]]

Random fact: someone planted 3400 seeds of cannabis on Rupert Murdoch's estate. It wasn't me. Cookie? :3 -@/{{Enkufka}}
** [[color:hotpink:Did it produce 3400 plants? & yes, I would love a cookie. :3 Thanks~]]

Hello! :3 ~{{Tropers/Fuzy2K}}
** [[color:hotpink: Hello to you too~ :3]]

Not very nice (at the top of the page)? I find that hard to believe since you have obviously responded to each vandalism/comment. I also want to say, "Yeah! [[MalcolmInTheMiddle Malcolm in the Middle]] is a funny show." (8^) - Tropers/{{AlBundyFan365}}
** [[color:hotpink: I just know how to look nice, is all. :) Thanks for stopping by~]]

OMG I just found out about that show and it is SOOOOO GOOOD. I am late for erryting. D: - @/{{cutewithoutthe}}
** [[color:hotpink: Hmm? What show?]]
^[[color:blue: My graffiti was under that convo for a reason.....:P]]
** [[color:hotpink: My bad, but it didn't look like it was related. Maybe you should do the third bullet point next time. :P]]

The faeries have returned to compliment you on how [[color:pink: pink]] your page is! :3 - [[@/StolenByFaeries a faerie]]
** [[color:hotpink: Thank you, then! :3 ♥]]

Reading this page hurt like a BITCH! But it was worth it. Dia was here, and thinks you're wicked awesome (not to mention utterly gorgeous). - @/{{Diamonnes}}
** [[color:hotpink: U no like teh pink? -sadface- But thank you very, very much. That's so kind of you to say~ n_n]]
*** I wouldn't know whether I like pink or not; it's difficult for me to read. Anyway, I only state the facts, adn the fact is that you are objectively awesome. -Dia
*** [[color:hotpink: Oh. I'm sorry :c But thank you very much, you've made my night. c:]]
You say you like cats, but do you like CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN? -- @/{{TARDISES}}
** [[color:hotpink:Sure, why not? What is CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN, anyways? I hope it's a dessert :3]]

* -GLOMP!- :3- @/MrW
** [[color:hotpink: -is glomped- :3]]
** -huggles- <3

[[color:grey: I see a lot of pink here, so i figured that i should expand your spectrum by adding this color!]][[color:red: And This as well!]]- [[@/VoidsEmpathy THE VOID]]
** [[color:hotpink: OK! Yay~. It looks like... fire. I dunno. Thanks!]]

Good gravy someone likes pink! That's not a bad thing, mind you. Have one of Karl Kadaver's Fresh-Baked Kookies. - {{Tropers/KarlKadaver}}
** [[color:hotpink: I ♥ pink a lot~ & thank you very much. I love kookies!]]

[[color:hotpink: I like pink too and I like you, dollface!]] ~ {{@/Red223}}
** [[color:hotpink: Awwww you're so adorable. :3]]

Hey Bella, if you're not busy we should totally go for a walk in the woods, I could give you a piggy back ride and we could go climb a tree or something; I don't sparkle though. -@/{{Kino}}
** [[color:hotpink: So you're a vampire, you just don't sparkle. I fucking knew it :o]]

Oh no! You killed Bella! Bellacider! - @/{{Chihuahua0}}
** [[color:hotpink: I did! Le gasp! and oh my gosh, my new nickname should be cider. Haha.]]

-throws glitter- Kooloo Limpah! ~ @/{{ARabbitFilledNightmare}}
** [[color:hotpink: YEAH! :D (whatever that means c: )]]

Nice eyes, but aaaah. my eyes are hurting with the pinkness, xD (has poor eyesight) but *glomp* I play Neopets too :D ~ @/{{SabrinaDiamond}}
** [[color:hotpink: thank you dear :3 and sorry ;~; Oooh, maybe we can be neofriends? Haha -is glomped-]]

Ho-hum. A newcomer I haven't welcomed! This must be rectified immediately, yes, ho-hum. Welcome, enjoy your stay, please let me take your coat for the sole purpose of hanging. - {{Tropers/Kraken}}
** [[color:hotpink: I've been on the forums since October of last year ;~; But thank you very much! n__n]]

I like :3 too! - @/AnneBeeche
** [[color:hotpink: It's the best smiley ever! >:3]]

Honey. Honey. Honey. You are pretty cool. And nice. And sweet. And your music taste is IMPECCABLE. So here's that song I once wrote for you! (congratulations! The fact I wrote you a song means I like you very much!)

"This Is One of The Many Poems I Write Because I Can, And I'm High On Life. What Was the Title Of This? I Dunno, Oh Yeah, This Song Is Dedicated to Bella, Because Screw It. (The Song Dedicated to Bella)"

I can't can't, I swear I can't let you,\\
Do what you have to,\\
It's never downhill,\\
I often wonder, who shares my music?\\
Funny question, ain't it?\\
There are 76 artists on my roster,\\
And Bella likes a cool bunch, you know,\\
She's an awesome chick,\\
Maybe throw in a little kick,\\
(For good measure)\\
It's a contradictory fact,\\
To be a nerd and love music is that,\\
so bad?\\
Hell, I find it really rad!\\
An awesomely cool young woman, I must say,\\
A fan of Saves the Day?\\
Awesome, no question why,\\
Hell, she's pretty, sick, and fly.\\
A swell girl! One for the world!

** [[color: hotpink: Awwwww this is amazing! Thank you x 1000 for this :)]]

this pink font is nauseating\\
kinda reminds me of my distant niece\\
everytime she sees something pink she buys it\\
i think she will buy this troper's page if she sees this -@/{{CommanderObvious}}
** [[color:hotpink: For how much?]]
*** three dollars -@/{{CommanderObvious}}

So what did that one gentleman say to you at work? - @/{{pagad}}
** [[color:hotpink: Please remind me of the gentleman in question/ the conversation? :o]]

Bye then. TV Tropes will miss you, ladeh. It's for the best though. - @/{{cutewithoutthe}}
** [[color:hotpink: I'm back :)]]

[[color:gray:Gooodbye, Fellow Troper.]] '''[[color:red:You will be missed.]]''' ''[[color:green:I hope things will be better for you...]]'' -[[@/VoidsEmpathy The Void]]
** [[color:hotpink: I'm back :)]]

Goodbye and farewell from the Cuddlepile. We'll keep the fires burning for you, lass. -@/SabresEdge
** [[color:hotpink: I'm back :)]]

noooooooooooooooooooo -@/CommanderObvious
** [[color:hotpink: I'm back :)]]

You're leaving? Awww. :< -@/{{Zersk}}
** [[color:hotpink: I'm back :)]]

We'll miss you! ;_; -@/MegaMagikarp
** [[color:hotpink: I'm back :)]]

Hey Bellacide! May I ask why you are called Bellacide? It reminds me of a mix between [[{{Twilight}} Bella]] and...genocide. Or anything ending in "cide". Or on a happier note, beginning with "cide". Like cider. Now I want apple cider. @/{{Tropers/Darkclaw}}
** [[color:hotpink: Everyone thinks it's connected to Twilight, but fret not, because I liked Twilight when I started using this username back in 2007 :B]]

Hi, hi! First time stopping by here to vandalize. :P And though it may be belated, welcome back. :D -- @/LiberatedLiberater
** [[color:hotpink: Hi there~! & thank you :3]]

So...colourful OoO ~ @/{{Aralyn}}
** [[color:hotpink:Thank you :3]]

Didn't know you'd set up a vandalism section. -@/DogLikeSparky
** [[color:hotpink: I had it up, then when I left I deleted it, and I restored it after I came back :)]]

@@[[color:firebrick: [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Time is slipping through our fingers because we let them go... ]]
]]@@ ~@/{{Theindefiniteone}}
** @@[[color:hotpink: [[/folder]]

[[folder: What a beautiful song!! ]]

A [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvs5pqf-DMA rabbit]] has entered the page. ~@/{{Ailedhoo}}
** [[color:hotpink: That was amazing :3]]

Fiona is AWESOME!!! -@/GethKnight
** [[color:hotpink: she is awesome indeed :B]]

Shank a doodle do ~@/{{GearLeader}}
** [[color:hotpink: oh noes! I've been shanked! -keels over-]]

Hey, welcome back into the fray! :3 ~ @/ARabbitFilledNightmare (again)
** [[color:hotpink: Hi there~ :3]]

[=*=]hugs your page* Seeing this page again makes me happy. Welcome back. ^__^ - @/StolenByFaeries
** [[color:hotpink: awww :3 thank you. -hugs you-]]

@/{{Ailedhoo}} was not here. This is not vandalism. [[TrueArt It is a duck.]]
** [[color:hotpink: I luv duckies :3 good thing this isn't vandalism at all!]]

:P - @/{{cutewithoutthe}}
** [[color:hotpink: n____________n]]
*** You know, I've know you almost an entire year, and I ''still'' don't know what that emoticon means! :P
*** http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/907.gif

Hi, I just met you on Neopets! - @/GazBevMoo
** [[color:hotpink: indeed n____n]]

Too much pink! I need to bring some [[color:gray: gray gray gray]] and [[color:blue: blue blue blue]] on this page to contrast this. - @/{{Belfagor}}
** [[color:hotpink: Eh, those colors are alright.]]

I love your avatar! Also, very well-designed contributor page. Mark Danielewski should use pink text in his next book. - @/EnemyMayan
** [[color:hotpink: Thank you! Thank God for SYTYCD, yeah? And thank you :) Haha, everyone should use pink every once in awhile. It's a lovely color.]]