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That line's obsolete, but k

I've been around for a while. Although I'm not the most active, I managed to [[SymbolSwearing start a page]] [[InheritanceTrilogy or two]] singlehandedly. Without using YKTTW, no less.

I put the page images on ReversePolarity, SkilledButNaive, NoteToSelf, RewardingVandalism, DoomItYourself, JumpOffABridgeRebuttal, [[Discontinuity/VideoGames Discontinuity/VideoGames]], GameplayRoulette, CreatingLifeIsUnforeseen, and SuicidalCosmicTemperTantrum; and the quotes on TheTropelessTale, LeastRhymableWord, BoozeBasedBuff, UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist, NotCompletelyUseless, and BargainWithHeaven.

I like video games, primarily {{RPG}}s, so I'm more likely to be found editing those pages than anything else. Favorites include [[VideoGame/TalesOfPhantasia Tales of Phantasia]] and SkiesOfArcadia.

I support the causes of {{PLATTER}} and {{CUPS}}. I also created {{TABLE}} and [[SupportersOfAdditionalLikenessesInText SALT]]. Which, with those pages all being deleted, means I created the only one of those pages that still exists. Of course, since I made TABLE in the Main namespace back when Spoon was also in Main, it doesn't show up in the edit logs, so you'll have to take my word for it.

I'll add more to this page later. Maybe.