Ah, the agony of finally deciding to write a troper page for myself. Even if I'm a [[PowerTrio Superego.]]

Well, anyway, my hobbies really only include Gaming, playing frequet games of Warhammer and 40K alike, Troping on this very site and [[FalloutNewVegas pissing off Securitons.]]

I, due to Locoman, a fellow troper, have been inducted into a PowerTrio and earnt myself the title of TheSpock. My fellow trio members include desdendelle, TheKirk and Fusionman, TheMccoy. They're also, according to my minute brain, are the first 'friends' I made on this site. We're currently looking to expand to a FiveManBand, but lack people...

I am currently in a number of RPG's, the main ones being:

* The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
* Lord Of The Rings: The Silmaril crusade
* Pokemon In The City
* Percy Jackson and the War of the Gods
* Twilight of the Gods

Yeah, I'll add more to the list.


This section is for the Tropers who wish to contribute any comments on my page!

* Very well, Spock: '''VANDALISM!!!''' -[[@/{{desdendelle}} des]]

* I'm afraid my mental image of you will forever be a sandwich within a sandwich. Wichception. -@/{{Hydrall}}

* Now Spock the war begins! I EAT YOUR SANDWICH! -@/{{Fusionman}}

Not sure what other sections to make...Aha, this section is for section ideas and suggestions!
* Add some tropes, Spock. You need them. -@/{{desdendelle}}

* MINIONS ASSEMBLE! Now that my minions have arrived with my secret chemicals my evil plan will commence! We will take this viscous liquid, AND PAINT A MURAL! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA! -@/{{Azreal341}}
** NOT A MURAL! NOOO!! -@/{{Bamack1}}


Aha! Now, to add tropes!

* PowerTrio: As explained above.
** Now [[SubvertedTrope subverted]] as Fusion has left the Trio.
* TheSpock: To fit in with the trio of course, may you live long and prosper Mccoy and Kirk!
* YoureInsane: Yeah, I get that [[{{Understatement}} a lot.]]
* TheHero: Yeah, sue me, but [[BlatantLies you know it's true...]]

Feel free to add or comment any tropes you contributors like, WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: It seems to me that you have vanished from the face of earth. -@/{{desdendelle}}
** Well, [[SubvertedTrope subverted]], since you're back. Welcome back, Bamack! -@/{{desdendelle}}
*** Thanks, [[TheKirk Kirk.]] :P