Arctimon is an enigma. A one of a kind. A bright star in a sky filled with...bright stars.

OK, maybe I'm not any of that, but maybe one day...

I ''can'' tell you what I ''am''.

I am a nerd, a dork, someone who doesn't act his age, a smart guy, a dumb guy, a scholar, a math wiz, and a good friend.

I'm sure there's more stuff I can put, but I don't want to sound full of myself.

I am also a ''huge'' PhineasAndFerb fan, which its pages constitute most of my edits. You will see me on other ones, like GhostAdventures, {{Chopped}}, and other random ones.

I have a [[ blog]], which will soon move to [[ here]] and will be updated once a week.

My newest blog will be a purely P&F blog, which can be found on my [[ DeviantArt account]].

I also have a lot of P&F fanfiction that is ''finally'' being uploaded to both my DeviantArt and If you are interested in reading it, go check it out. Read and review, if you wish. It won't be anything that'll blow you away.

Unless it does...then I'll be grateful.

'''Tropes that apply to me''':

* BerserkButton: Just try to insult my friends or my beliefs to my face. Go ahead...[[TemptingFate I dare you]].
* {{Nerd}}: Guilty as charged.
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: [[SelfDemonstratingArticle With my higher than normal intellect and verbosity, this was bound to be an inevitability]].
* SiblingTeam: With my twin brother, of course.
* SunglassesAtNight: Every night, baby.