It is me, a completely random troper T.T

Most of this page was assembled in approximately 2012ish. It may be horrifically outdated.

[[folder: Tropes that apply to me/you think apply to me]]

* {{Bishonen}}: He has more narrow shoulders than some girls. ~ @/SnowyFoxes (less so a few years later I might add.... but still ~ Aqueos)
* {{Bread Eggs Milk Squick}} My typical {{Mindscrew}}
* {{StraightGay}} In public generally anyway.
* {{ClusterFBomb}} I cannot go a day without one.
* {{Distracted by the Sexy}} The amount of times I have been snapped out of a sex fantasy is way too high.
* {{Gratuitous French}} TAISE-TOI! (a few years later, and a year of AP french later, this has progressed to limited fluency)
* {{Gratuitous Japanese}} I admit to singing J-Pop more than I should.
* {{No sense of personal space}}
* MotorMouth: According to @/SnowyFoxes.
* {{Ordinary High School student}} At least I used to be one. More like college these days.
* {{Saying Sound Effects Out Loud}} To the point where people say I act like an anime character.
* {{Too much information}} Don't discuss sex with me. I have a tendency to know too much for your own good. - Less so these days
* {{The piano player}} On rare occasion
* {{Yaoi Fanboy}} Heh... heh...... More {{Bara}} tbh.


[[folder: Media I like ]]

* CodeGeass
* {{Junjou Romantica}}
* {{KhaosKomix}}
* {{Mahou Shounen Fight}}
* {{Pokemon}}
* {{Questionable Content}}
* {{Rain}}
* StarCraft2
* {{Tiger and Bunny}}
* {{Yotsuba}}
* {{The Legend of Zelda}}


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~ Suddenly, you see a kitty flying in the sky and-- OOMF! Love, [[Tropers/SnowyFoxes WORLD'S BEST FAG HAG]]
* The profound lack of vandalism displeases me, so HERE'S ANOTHER GLOMP.

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