Greetings one and all, my name is @/{{ApplesGalore}}! Wait, no, it's The Finch. No, it's Mariopikaman1. I don't know, I have to keep checking on my user names...

Who am I?

Well, my real name is Jacob Fincher. I come from a small city called St. Ann which is in Missouri which is in the USA which is on North America which is on a big place called Earth. The place, by the way, is mostly harmless.

I really started my Troping in 2011, yet created this name a couple of months ago. I finished helping with tropers like Adell, Dryunya, Sicon12 and Neverslender in TheWallWillFall ARG. I also helped create a Drinking Game for that same event. Who would've figured that out?

I have a Facebook account, a Twitter account (@jacobfincher97), a Youtube channel (Mariopikaman1), and a TV Tropes account.

Oh, and I like Ponies. Favorite is Applejack, worst is King Sombra. Favorite Ep is the premieres and finales of Season 2, while the worst is Season 1, episode 8.

Well, this page is looking pretty dang good!

!!! Tropes in a non-given order:
* LargeHam: I'm pretty much a fountain of drama! I love drama! It makes things interesting!
* {{Nerd}}: I like to study.
* BerserkButton: Make fun of my family, and things will go very, VERY bad.
** Mention {{Twilight}}, I dare you.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: For food, burgers. For drinks, Coke Zero.
* RealMenWearPink
* {{Pungeonmaster}}
* CloudCuckoolander
* DeadpanSnarker
* CrazyAwesome
* ShoutOut: By the time all of it will be put in, there will probably be pages. PAGES AND PAGES of shout-outs.
* {{Geek}}: I enjoy a lot of works and will stand up for the people of a fan base as long as it is NOT Twilight.
* OneOfUs: Let's see, I'm a Brony, a Trekkie, a Star Wars Fan, a Regular Guy, an Adventurer, a Whovian, a Scott Pilgrim fan, a Sonic Fan, a Mario Fan...
* BadassBookworm: I have an entire bookshelf of books. BOOKS! GOD I LOVE BOOKS!
* NoIndoorVoice: I can get really loud at times.
* ViewersAreGoldfish: Averted.
* ViewersAreMorons: Also Averted.
* BigEater
* NiceHat: I have a nice collection of hats. I also really enjoy TeamFortress2.
* HeavySleeper: I love sleep and it loves me. Currently, I am trying to sleep 8 hours a day.
* {{Lurker}}
* SweetTooth: I love candy! If I had to choose a favorite, I would have to say Skittles. TASTE THE RAINBOW
* GenreSavvy

!!! Vandalization:
Hello! Uhm... er... crap what do I put here.... Applejack is best pony! HAH! ~ Tropers/IslaKariese

I see your page vandalism and raise you... um... more page vandalism! With ADDED LIQUID GREEN STUFF. Hey, you! And did I mention you're awesome? ~ Tropers/{{Scarab}}
* Thanks so much Scarab!

You're really gonna have to ''rein in'' the pony references. ~@/{{Neverslender}}

I thought you just posted on the MLP thread that your worst pony had changed... No, I have no bloody idea why that jumped out at me, since I haven't even watched the series. (Nothing against it, just have too much on my anime backlog to do it) My mind is a very strange place. ~@/{{Sicon112}}
* You would love it. Just Trust Me.
** I'm sure I would, but my anime takes priority! I'm like [[Manga/TheWorldGodOnlyKnows Keima Katsuragi]] except with anime instead of Dating Sims! ~@/{{Sicon112}}
*** ...And, I just fixed a link. By the by, nice reference, Sicon. ~@/{{GenndyOdaCOG}}