Apple Itze, also known as Midori Ringo-chan, loves green apples. She tends to lurk a lot, but sometimes will make edits to pages relating the ''PrettyCure'' franchise.

I'm a GenkiGirl, GeniusDitz and CloudCuckooLander. I use to get the highest notes in class when I study, and when not, [[TheBGrade I get grades above the average]]. I also tend to [[TheDitz drop things and fall]] a lot, making some of my friends say that I destroy everything I touch. I also get [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny bored easily when writing]], making me close the page I'm writing into and wander onto another section of the internet. May explain why this page will take a lot of time for it to take form.

On the other hand, I exhibit {{Tsundere}} traits, and will act as a DeadpanSnarker when I am not the one to have triggered the deadpan. I've recently started to believe that SillyRabbitRomanceisForKids.

I also have a MemeticOutfit: a grey jacket that follows me wherever I go.

I love MagicalGirl shows, especially PrettyCure and OjamajoDoremi. Yes, I have my own fanseries for PrettyCure: [[WordSaladTitle Futari wa Pretty Cure! Magical Flavors~]]

I'm currently working on the article for TheSupernaturalist. I'd like help with it.