This Troper did not realize everybody was using false names, and feels rather foolish.

Anyway, Mr. Alexander is an 18-year old male from [[SweetHomeAlabama Alabama]]. He loves [[{{Videogame}} video games]], SpeculativeFiction, [[{{Fetish}} hypnosis]] and [[TrademarkFavoriteFood chicharrones.]] He makes crappy {{machinima}}s which can be viewed [[ here.]]
''This Troper provides examples of'':
* AddedAlliterativeAppeal
* TheApprentice: He is currently in training to be a piano tuner.
* ADarkerMe - OrIsIt? Bwahahahaha.
* CloudCuckooLander
* DissonantSerenity - ThisTroper has been known to greatly annoy his friends by not looking the least bit stressed out in stressful situations.
* DitzyGenius
* DoesNotLikeShoes
* GratuitousSpanish - This troper's first language is English, but he finds that Spanish is just a fun-sounding language and can spice up a conversation a bit.
* LargeHam
* NoMedicationForMe - Those fools, they said I was [[strike:mad]] hyperactive! I'll show them! '''I'll show them all!!'''
* PaleSkinnedBrunette
* {{Nerd}}
* TrueNeutral - At least that is what a qizz on Facebook told him. He sees no reason to doubt.
* TwoFirstNames